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Aug 6, 2015 7:25 AM ET

Stockflare: to give everyone the tools they need to be a better investor through innovative tools and analysis

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015


The Idea


Stockflare’s aim is to give everyone the tools they need to be a better investor. We believe this is an alternative to the expensive, poor performing service the investment industry provides. With our innovative tools and analysis, everyone can take control themselves.

In less than 8 months, we have over 10,000 monthly active users across the world. But the potential customer base is large, with 1.4 billion people having over $10,000 in net worth. 

Here in the UK, the new “pension freedoms” mean that the 4.5m people with defined contribution schemes will not have to buy annuities and can choose to manage their pension pot themselves. This opens a new key market for Stockflare, adding to our target customers in the share ISA, SIPP and self-directed investment markets.

Today, our users have access to our analysis for free. Following our fund raise on Crowdcube, we aim to launch our first brokerage partnership, so our users can find and buy, the investments they want.

Our mission is to change investing forever, bringing common sense tools to a mass market audience. With Stockflare, we believe anyone can make better informed decisions.


Globally, there are over 1.4 billion people1 with a net worth of between $10,000 and $1 million. We belive it’s a poorly served market, with high fees and underperforming asset managers2. Compounding the problem, from our experience all the information sites like Google Finance are designed for quasi-professionals which we believe means most people, give up and leave the professionals managing their investments.

In the UK, if you don’t have over £500,000 to invest, in general the wealth management industry won’t talk to you. So most of us are left to pick ISAs or pay high fees to an advisor. That advisor earns a % fee on our investments, even when they advise us badly. 

This is all about to change. Stockflare’s aim is to make it easier and more convenient to manage your investments yourself. We want to help everyone avoid the high fees and poor performance, giving them more control and helping them earn more money themselves. 

Stockflare’s solution

Today, we turn complex financial data into easy to understand analysis. Our analysis covers stock markets across the world. Anyone can rapidly analyse any business and decide if the stock is for them. 

Our core features are:

  1. Authoritative, easy to understand analysis of every stock in the world
  2. A search tool that helps you find stocks that are right for you
  3. The simplest way to keep track of how you are doing
  4. Only alerting you when there’s actually something critical to think about
  5. Available on the web and via smartphone

But this is just a beginning, this summer, we aim to launch an investment service in partnership with a US brokerage platform. Letting anyone in the world open an investment account with as little as $50 and buy US shares, at the low cost of $3 a trade.

Later in 2015, we aim to launch a partnership that let’s our users buy UK and European shares as well, all seamlessly via our service.

Progress to date

The team behind Stockflare came together in May 2014 and built a working product in less than 5 months, covering major stock markets across the globe. 

In just 8 months over 125,000 sessions have occurred on Stockflare from over 200 countries around the world. Of these over 10,000 people come back to our site every month. And despite no requirement to register 5,500 people have given us their contact details. Over 40% of our users are in the United States. The UK is our second most important market.

Our growth has been driven by word or mouth, recommendations by influential bloggers, and by our social interaction with users. We’ve engaged in virtually no marketing to-date.

Our mission

We want to change the way everyone invests, for the better. With your support, Stockflare can help the 1.4 billion people invest into stocks. We can help everyone escape the high cost poor performance products that exist today. Together, we can revolutionise finance, putting people back in control of their money.

Contact Information:

Shane Leonard

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