Aug 6, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Archived: Shannon Elizabeth’s Animal Avengers Fundraiser

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015

Shannon Elizabeth has relaunched her non-profit, Animal Avengers, in a big way! She just went live with a crowdfunding campaign in honor of her upcoming birthday on September 7th. She is raising funds for 3 organizations in South Africa & Zimbabwe to help animals. Her goal is to raise 30K by the end of August, and then travel (on her own dime) to Africa to work with these organizations & buy them the resources they need to keep protecting and saving the animals, especially endangered ones.


The organizations she will be working with are Saving The Survivors, AWARE and Save African Rhino Foundation. Shannon will be documenting everything while there through her social media accounts & blog of her personal website she also just relaunched at She’s also offering social thank you perks for different levels of donations and everything will eventually get moved to the new after her trip is complete & that site get built out.


Saving The Survivors is the organization who’s been doing multiple operations on Hope, the 4 yr old white rhino who was brutally poached, but survived. They need so many resources to save, not only her life, but other poaching survivors, which unfortunately seems like it’s not slowing down anytime soon.


AWARE is an organization of veterinarians in Zimbabwe who focus on the welfare of the wildlife & their habitats. Shannon’s hoping to get to work with them hands on in the bush while there as well.


Finally, Shannon’s been working closely with someone who represents the Save African Rhino Foundation. They currently have many projects they’re supporting and they’re collaborating to make sure they can buy what’s most critically needed at the time she’s there.


This is something extremely close to Shannon’s heart & she really wants to be able to reach the goal of 30K so she can buy at least 10K worth of resources for each organization.


Please see Shannon’s social media accounts for more details and the campaign URL.

Twitter: @ShannonElizab

Facebook: OfficialShannonElizabeth

Instagram: @ShannonElizabeth

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