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Aug 6, 2015 8:58 AM ET

Archived: MHZ DELI AND JUICE BAR, Inc: My deli is an integral part of my community, and I take pride in being able to feed my community

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015
Personal Story

I came to the US 20 years ago from Darjeeling, India and was passionate about starting my own business but I did not have the money to fund that dream. So I spent some time working for someone else, working hard with my dream in mind to have my own business. I was saving little money and after 5 years of working hard for someone I was able to open my small business, a deli store. I enjoy serving people and meeting new people. Owning my own deli in Williamsburg Brooklyn is a dream come true. I am proud to say, that since we have opened our doors in 2013 the business is doing better than anticipated. The next step is to improve my deli, and I intend on doing so by purchasing better kitchen equipment and more merchandise to sell. Fundraising this Kiva Zip loan successfully will help me do that.

Business Description

My business is a deli that sells sandwiches, candies, water, sodas, coffee, milk shakes, salads, hot dogs, soups and other food related products. This business was started in 2013. The reason why I started this business is because I have experience in the deli business and I like to serve people.

One of the biggest challenge has been the availability of accessible funds to keep growing my business. In the future I would like to open another deli, just like MHZ Deli in another location. This deli in my opinion helps the community by providing something to eat when people are busy at work and they are not able to prepare something for themselves. I consider my deli to be an integral part of my community, and I hope to further establish my business with the help of this loan.

What is the purpose of this loan?

By getting this loan my business will have the funds to increase marketing effort by more equipment and have more products to offer

The purpose of this loan is to invest in
– Marketing $1000
– new sign $500
– $8500 for buying kitchen equipment; grill, oven and new refrigerator

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