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Aug 6, 2015 11:37 AM ET

Lesson Baba: Uber for Driving and Learners Community – Connecting Learners directly with Driving Instructors

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015

Lesson Baba




LessonBaba is a service that will connect learners with driving instructors. By seamlessly connecting learners directly with approved and verified instructors, LessonBaba aims to open up more choices for learners and more business for instructors.

Learning to drive has become increasingly expensive. While many of the costs behind hourly lessons are clearly obvious, there is a further hidden contributor that many learners will be unaware of: the franchise fee, or cost of customer acquisition, that is wasted time between lessons and by manual booking arrangements.

LessonBaba automated tools aim to take care all of that. Right from the dashboard, learners will be able to view nearby instructors based on geo-location, learn more about their experiences and make an informed decision in booking.

Whereas instructors would benefit from being part of a franchise, with less debilitating franchise fees, reduced overheads and ultimately reduced cost associated on both sides of marketplace.



LessonBaba plans to take the learner driving industry by storm. Instead of developing another web based price aggregator website, we wanted to do something different, something unique, something that will change the landscape of the industry forever. So we decided to come up with a solution to create a marketplace platform to service the needs of learners and driving instructors.

LessonBaba is a revolutionary new platform designed with input from industry professionals. Think of us as an “Uber” (taxi app that has revolutionized the taxi industry) for the learner driver industry.

LessonBaba aims to promote transparency, make information more readily available, simplify the process of booking driving instructors and contribute to a quality rich learning experience.

Our platform will allow instructors to interact directly with learners, without large franchise fees and reducing overheads.

We believe that LessonBaba’s competitive advantage is in utilizing leading edge technologies to replace cumbersome and laborious manual admin work.

LessonBaba will put learners in control, giving them the very best, and safest, start to their driver learning experience. After all, learning to drive is a lifelong skill, so it’s important to get the right start.

LessonBaba is seeking to bring a quality rich learning experience to learners while giving instructors the freedom to move away from the constraints of a traditional franchise. LessonBaba intends to be the next phase of the learner driver industry.



Whilst developing this platform, we decided to reach out to industry veterans; people who are affected directly to get their feedback on all of the areas that needs improvement and can help improve the service offerings.

We have received an overwhelming positive interest from driving instructors based in different parts of United Kingdom. From setting up profiles to booking lessons and from cancellation handling to setting up membership pricing and fees, we received huge interest and indicators for market direction. This market place developed out of necessity.

Many of these experts contributed their valuable knowledge and where possible we are building recommendations right into the platform. It’s like having the services developed for the people by the people.


We intend to use the proceeds for following divisions:

1. Marketing, Advertising, Media and PR (40%)
2. Further technology improvement (25%)
3. Grow team for client management (20%)
4. We plan to launch a regional instructor ambassador program for further market penetration and regional voice. (15%)


Contact Information:

Nabeel Asif
Ehtesham Iqbal
Haseen Usman

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