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Aug 6, 2015 7:16 AM ET

Archived: International Team of Young Designers Invent a Sleeping Mask For Frequent Travelers

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015

August 4, 2015, an international group of designers has launched a special sleeping mask for travellers, Sleeper, on Indiegogo. The campaign ( http://igg.me/at/sleeper-mask ) will last for 30 days and end on September 4, aiming to reach as little as $3 thousand to start mass production.

Sleeper is a special sleeping mask designed for active travelers. It significantly improves quality of sleep on long-distance trips, reduces discomfort and helps fight travel insomnia. Sleeper is very easy to use. One only needs to wrap it around a chair, strap it on a head and sleep tight. Adjustable 59 inches straps allow to find the most comfortable position to ensure that a head doesn’t lean on a neighbor. Its soft hypoallergenic material suits any skin type, and waterproof, durable material guarantees thousands of comfortable trans-Atlantic flights. Being 10.6×4.3 inches in size, Sleeper can be used by both children and adults. Compact enough, it fits into any bag. Moreover, it ensures even better safety when used with a fastened belt. Now available in bright orange, designers expect the Sleeper product line to add some other fun colors after the campaign is over.

“I came up with an idea of Sleeper when I was travelling to Peru, – says Lana Dey, CEO of a designer startup. I was on a 10-hour flight, and I just couldn’t find any comfortable position for my head. So, I just tried to strap it to the chair so that I didn’t have to lean on my neighbors all the time. It worked, and when I finally got to the destination, I made first sketches. My friends and I made several copies and tested them on all our flights and bus trips. We were surprised that our simple invention really helped to achieve much better sleep”.

To test efficiency of Sleeper, the team fulfilled a research. It revealed that 92% of respondents noted that they found it easier to fall asleep when using Sleeper on long-distance trips; 72% noted better quality of sleep when using Sleeper; 64% reported less back pain; 59% said they felt less tired after long trips when using Sleeper.

“Most people find it difficult and uncomfortable to fall asleep during long-distance flights because of unstable head position, – says Igor Bondarenko, Chief Designer for Sleeper Inc.. – You fall asleep, and your head is most likely to appear on a shoulder of some stranger who happen to be your neighbor. Sleeper ensures stable head position and some good sound sleep, a salvation to all who admire travelling”.

Sleeper is a simple, yet efficient solution for travel insomnia. Being easy to use and carry around, it is an essential for anyone who enjoys active lifestyle and admires exploring the world.

Note: Sleeper Inc. is a startup team of young designers who came up with an idea of a sleeping mask for long trips, Sleeper. United by one simple idea, they designed and made first copies of the mask for frequent travelers. On condition the campaign is a success, designers promise to come up with more outstanding color and design options for its backers.

Contact Information:

Email: Lana Dey - lana.d@sleeper.cc
Website: http://sleeper.cc

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