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Aug 6, 2015 8:26 PM ET

Archived: Bevel – a 3D photo device for smartphones

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 6, 2015

Bevel just started their campaign on Kickstarter and managed to raise almost their full goal of $200,000. They are just one more example of how an innovative technology can greatly benefit from crowdfunding.

The campaign is run by Matter and Form Inc, a company that already has experience in 3D technology. They offer a 3D scanner on their website and are the ones behind Cashew3d.com, a website designed to allow people to share their 3D sketches.

Featuring special lenses, the gadget is a device that can be attached to a smartphone in order to get 3D pictures of anything or anyone. It can take real 3D pictures, not just ones that enhance objects in a background. An app makes it possible to share the pictures via Facebook and other social networks instantly.

Though not so new (LG launched Optimus 3D a few years ago), their innovation is in allowing any smartphone to take 3D pictures. Plus, the price is low for Kickstarter early buyers: just $49. The pictures taken can also be used in 3D printers, a very appealing feature that was not present in the LG smartphone.

The way they designed the rewards is pretty simple and does not take advantage of some strategies adopted in successful campaigns: no cheap perks, no thank you emails, no expensive parties or any other standalone perks, just the product in all of the options. The perks, like T-shirts, keychain attachments and Cashew3d accounts come always along with the product.

They can do that because their product is the actual “perk” that everyone would be interested in. It is a perfect example of a pre-buy campaign via crowdfunding. So they can ignore all of the other perks and focus just on their product. They will still be successful.

The message is: if you have an innovative project, you should definitely crowdfund it. It’s the cheapest way to raise money for your company while spreading the word about it.

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