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Aug 5, 2015 12:34 PM ET

Archived: ‘SEVERANCE PACKAGE’ short film: a short comedy about John, a simple man caught in a web of conspiracy at his own job

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015


The story of the project

Work can be draining. Your boss breaks your balls, and some days you just wanna stab your eyes out with bic pens. But, what if the two were related? Severance Package asks that question. How awkward would it be if your boss forced you to kill yourself?

Severance package is a short comedy about John, a simple man caught in a web of conspiracy at his own job. His employer, Craig Masterson, has set about brainwashing the staff to kill themselves on the job, so that he might collect on their insurance. John’s only hope is to snap out of it before he drinks the kool-aid. 

This is an Institutionalised Dude with a Problem film, and we’d like to produce it with some key influences in mind. Firstly, Mike Judge’s 1999 film Office Space, which is not only similar in content but also in tone. The Office (US Version), Peep Show, Super Troopers, and The Matrix all also contributued to our vision.

Our Facebook page offers more info on cast and crew as well as up to date photos and videos of the film’s production. Like it to stay in the loop!

The Cast

Thomas Petrakos – John 
Udara David – Craig Materson
Paul Daniel McClure – Kevin 
Harlene Hercules – Elaine

The Crew

Effie Ellen – Director & Co-Writer
Thomas Johnston – Producer & Co-Writer
Matt Kingerlee – Editor
James Morris – Director of Photography
Daniel Jones – Sound Design
Pat O’Leary – Production Design

How the funds will be used

The funds we raise will go towards being able to deliver a higher quality production. We’re building an elevator, for example, and it will look much better made from sheet metal instead of wet cardboard. We are filming in Collins Street, Docklands and renting an entire office level. That ain’t cheap! Our costume, set dressing and props will allow for our world to come to life, so we would love the resources to do the best job we can. We also want to keep energy levels high during shooting with some top notch catering!

 Right now our budget is broken down as;

Location Hire – $2000 
Costume/Makeup – $200
Props/Set Dressing – $300
Catering – $500
Contingency – $500

This is for the minimum we need to make the film happen at all, we will be putting in a few thousand dollars ourselves to flesh it out. Every dollar over the amount we are asking for would help us just as much if not more.
Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated. As final university students, we want our graduating film to reflect everything we love and we want you all to help be a part of the project.

Contact Information:

Thomas Johnston

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