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Archived: Rocket Foods Inc: a health food accelerator that utilizes plant ingredients by leveraging technology to become a market leader

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Rocket Foods Inc

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Rocket Foods is a health food accelerator that utilizes plant ingredients by leveraging technology to become a market leader

In his mid-thirties, the founder of the company discovered he was allergic or sensitive to almost everything. He was aware of some of his sensitivities, but this new discovery was a game changer. What to eat? Would he be relegated to bland foods for the rest of his life? In fact, he found it so challenging to find great tasting, satisfying foods he could trust, he decided to start making his own allergy-friendly foods – starting with the first thing in the morning: the breakfast!

Founded in 2012, the company has successfully penetrated the Canadian market at multiple levels with its delicious and convenient line of oatmeal products and is poised to expand with this and other related products into the U.S. and beyond. The vision is to be the leading brand of choice in the growing market of Functional Foods for all health-conscious and quality conscious consumers. The overarching goal is to capture 10% market share in a 10-year period of the Hot cereal Category by expanding successfully into the U.S. market. Rocket Foods, with its innovative approach to changing food habits and customer desires, adds the important ingredient of building a Trust relationship with its users.

The consumer trend in North America towards healthy eating is not something new. Despite this awareness, consumer food products have struggled to find the “sweet spot” in gaining mass appeal. Motivated to provide a nutritious, trustworthy product, Rocket Foods from the beginning has placed a strong emphasis on Convenience and Taste, as part of a winning formula. Many healthy consumer product trends have failed along the way because they lacked the practicality for someone on the go (such as home juicing) and/or have simply have been bland tasting.

Rocket Foods has uniquely positioned itself in the Functional Food category in the consumer “sweet spot” of an affordable, trustworthy product that is nutritious, tastes good and is convenient to use regularly.

Products / Services

Rocket Foods Oatmeal

Rocket Foods Produces allergen free( free from top ten allergens) oatmeals in two formats; a single serve cup, and multi-serve pouch. We have several products that are already developed; protein enriched oatmeals and a breakfast beverage in two flavours.

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Jas Bains

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