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Aug 5, 2015 1:43 PM ET

Archived: REvisit REseda Blvd: will use custom Flex Furniture pieces as performance/display spaces to draw people into the streetscape and help them rediscover the iconic Northridge business corridor

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015

REvisit REseda Blvd


the project

REvisit REseda Blvd is designed around a series of performance and artistic activities. These events will allow performers and participants alike to rethink the traditional streetscape as a performance space, an art gallery, a cinema, or a happening.

The project is based around custom designed and constructed FLEX FURNITURE pieces that are collapsible and modular so that they can alternately be used for the backdrop for a street theatre performance, a temporary art gallery display space, movie screen, or to provide a small space for a local pop-up business or product demonstration.

This project is the partnership of the Northridge Chamber of Commerce, the Northridge South Neighborhood Council, Northridge Vision, Northridge Sparkle, California State University Northridge, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley and Council District 12.

the steps

We envision constructing the Flex Furniture and conducting three artwalk/open house events to showcase partnerships with the local businesses, California State University Northridge and the residential stakeholders. The university will serve as a “feeder” for local art and live performance that will be displayed or performed in the public right-of-way, thereby challenging the traditional use and highlighting new streetscape design features. Our collective hope is to draw more patronage to the businesses on the street, reduce vacancies and to update the community’s perception of the corridor while encouraging ongoing use of the placemaking elements.

why we’re doing it

Reseda Blvd in Northridge has been the center of it’s community going back to when it was a rail line in the community of Zelzah. With its proximity to the only University in the San Fernando Valley – and a worldclass performing arts center, it deserves to be more than a highway serving commuters. REvisit REseda Blvd. aims to get people out of their cars and spending time in their community. The area has a thriving business community, an engaged neighborhood beautification team and three active neighborhood councils. These entities have all come together as partners in this project. 

Dates for the specific events are to be determined, but success would be indications of a bustling and thriving corridor  – people gathering, sidewalk dining and a desire to replicate these events long after the grant has been expended.

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