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Archived: Kickstarter Campaign Aims To Fund Book On The Life Of Cecil The Lion

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LIVERPOOL, UK, 8/4/15 – Journalists, authors and educators Lynette E. Adams, Ph.D. and David Jay Morris today announced that they have launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the creation of a book about the life of Cecil the Lion.

The title of the book will be, “Cecil – The Life of One Extraordinary Lion.”

According to the husband and wife team, rather than focusing on the awful way in which Cecil died, the book will take an in-depth look at the life of this exceptional lion. It will aim to answer questions such as: Where was he born? How did he live? What role did he play in the natural environment around him?  What do we know about his mates, cubs, rival males and the lion community in which he lived? Why was he chosen for study by Oxford University? How was he able to live more than a decade in spite of the political and social upheavals in Zimbabwe, continued big game trophy hunting and poaching and man’s unending expansion into the lions’ world?

The book will honor Cecil and seek to increase people’s awareness of the plight of lions, the fragility of African wildlife and their ever-dwindling numbers.

The authors plan to visit the area of Zimbabwe in which Cecil lived and interview people who were involved with him as well as the team from Oxford University who were studying Cecil and his environment. They will also spend time researching the lives of African lions, the threats to their survival and the various reserves, programs and charities set up to protect them.

According to co-author, Lynette E. Adams, Ph.D., “Our foremost goal is that our readers will be motivated to get involved in the protection of lions and contribute to and support the organizations that are trying to help them.”

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