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Aug 5, 2015 12:59 PM ET

Help Bring Islam to JAPAN: Build the foundation of Islam in Japan

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015

Help Bring Islam to JAPAN

JAPAN an opportunity for Dahwa

“Japan is looking for ANSWERS”

Japanese society is going through a huge change and in the process of reevaluating its core beliefs and searching for the right meaning of life.

After the devastating Tsunami of 2011, Japan needed  a spiritual answer. Unfortunately most of them haven’t reached the path of Islam yet. It is probably because there has been weak presence of Islam in this society and most of Japanese public either has no idea or misunderstand this religion.

Shizuoka Muslim Association believes that Japan is ready to hear the true teachings of Islam and hopes, with your support, to share the gift of Allah with the one of the most disciplined and kind people in the world.

Why it Matters?

“Timing is Now”

Dahwa in Japan is in its infancy and it requires more Japanese-speaking muslims and more opportunities to interact with Japanese public.

For that, Masjid plays an important role in educating young generations who can deliver the message of Islam in Japanese, and in generating friendly and interactive environment for the public to learn about Islam.


Japan wants to know Islam. So what are we waiting for?

This will be “Sadaqa Jariyah (ongoing charity)” to testify for you in the day of judgement. Insha Allah.


The Project

Shizuoka Muslim Association is the founder and operator of this project since 2010. We are calling for global assistance in implementing this unique and important project which insha Allah will become one of the catalysts to the spread of  Islam in Japan. In the past 5 years we were able to collect $150,000 but in order to make this dream a reality we need your support.


Describing the Masjid & Islamic Cultural Center:


We are seeking for an approximately 700 m² property that responds to the following criteria:

1- “Easy access to worshipers and the public”: Strategically located close to muslim-populated area as well as the general public within the city of Shizuoka 

2- “With An unobstructed view of Mt. Fuji”: A symbolic icon of Japan and it will become one of the icons of the Islam in Japan

 3- “With Water well & solar panel accessibility”: We can minimize our energy expenses and help preserve the environment. (Shizuoka City is abundant with spring water from Mt. Fuji)

Youth Center

The future of Islam in Japan lies in the hands of the next generation of Muslims who are born or raised here and fully understand the inner workings of Japanese society. The role of the adult generations is to create a suitable environment for Muslim youths to learn Islam and develop communication skills to become the voices of Islam, and protect their identities as muslims in Japan.

In order to achieve this goal, our future Masjid will have the following facilities:

  • Kid Play Area- Invite young children to the masjid as well as creating a peaceful environment for adults while performing Salat or participating seminars and other curriculums.
  • Multimedia Library where youth can learn about Islam and globally get connected with brotherhood and sisterhood through proper channels. Creating Dahwa materials for the Japanese public.    
  • Classrooms- Offering Islamic lessons and working on team projects.


To maintain an operation of the Masjid and a quality of the programs, the Masjid complex should have the following facilities to become financially sustainable:

  • Shops for Rent:  To generate funds for facility operations and programs.
  • Kitchen Studio: To offer Halal and cultural cooking classes to the Japanese public.
  • Accommodation rooms (preferably Japanese style): To be rented to traveling Muslims as well as to hold various community events.


Masjid, a gift to Japan

This Masjid is a place where Muslims can gather and worship, learn and serve the community. At the same time, it will become the most unique and welcomingplace for the Japanese public to communicate frankly with local muslims and to discover the history, facts and true beauty of Islam.

Contact Information:

Shizuoka Muslim Association

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