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Aug 5, 2015 10:37 AM ET

Archived: Create Mobile Apps using WordPress without any coding: Build quality interactive WordPress Mobile Apps on iOS and Android at a fraction of a cost in rapid time without any coding experience.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015

 It all started when BuildiApps team was experimenting with the reputable wordpress blogging tool and wanted to utilize its powerful content management system to create easy and fully functional mobile apps for ordinary people to benefit, especially small businesses who were always competing with big corporates with deep pockets. After much research and experimenting, BuildiApps was the result and our first prototype wordpress mobile app was carminitel available on iTunes and Google Play.

Why don’t small businesses or startups make apps ?

Making an app can be intimidating, and a strenuous task. It requires lots of new information that needs to processed which doesn’t come easy. Everyone wants their product to be flawless, and being a perfectionist we understand how one negative analysis could be so harmful to the publicity. And most importantly it requires two main valuable commodities that we are always short on: Time and Money.  

App Features:

Boost your sales by putting up an online store and have your customers shop on the fly.

Make yourself more available by letting your customers schedule appointments in the app.

Send instantspecial discount coupons to your customers keeping them informed of upcoming sales

 Share your posts, updates, blogs straight from your app to your customers

Let your users register on your app like facebook andtwitter and let them send public, private messages to each other, and posts updates andcreate groups.

Add your phots and show what your business does the best, and post videos toyoutube or vimeo so your customers can watch them right in the app.

This helps make your users requests such as quotes, sending emails, or even a review of your work. 

Send thememailsfor upcoming events and holiday specials or promotions.

Reach your customers with your app’s built in feature

That’s the easy part.


How long will it take to have the app approved and published on App stores ?

Once you are satisfied with your final app design, we will consult with you and submit your app to Google Play, which usually is approved within24 hours.. Apple on the other hand takes an average of6 to15 days, depending on the complexity of App. During this phase we will continue to monitor the status of your App and keep you posted throughout the submission process until final publishing of the App is complete. 

                WE SUBMIT FOR YOU

Once the App is approved don’t forget to use the logos.

Will I be able to change my App Content after it’s published ?

95% of the items in the App can be changed instantly even after the App has been published and its live, such as, content, layout, images, contact info, and Apps’s functionality. 

Changes, such as, change App name andApp icons will require a complete new re-submission to App stores.

                  TEMPLATE DESIGN

Each one of our templates is professionally designed, has a friendly user interface, ready to useandInclude:


Since we designed our product for non-programmers and we sincerely wanted all non-technical people to take benefit from it. We made sure we did all the grunge work for them, and leading them believe a personal mobile app was now possible for them. 

During theDesign and Development phase of the App we are going to assign a dedicated team member, that’s right,not a bot or amachine, indeed a real person who will communicate and work with the App owner to come up with thefinal product. 

We have come across a large number of folks that still struggle to even put up a simple and decent website for their needs. Most of the times it’s because they don’t have time or do not have the right resources. We want to eliminate this reason, and want to make it simple for them. 

We are not only going to provide an state of the art Mobile App that they can impress their customers and compete in the market with the big fish, but also include Hosting of the App, along with a free domain name registration, and a HTML5 or a WordPress website, if they don’t already have one.

Restaurants: Accept orders online and increase your productivity, reserve a table, coupons for loyal customers, and reviews.

Hospitals/Clinics: Keep a profile and history of all your patients, take appointments and instant communicate with them right from your own personal Mobile App.  

Musicians: Upload your whole album and start a fan page on your app.

Journalism: Start your own news App and share it to the world.

Legal Practice: Impress your new clients with your brand new App and tell them how you are ahead of every game and gain their confidence and trust.

Photographers: Show off your portfolio with a style 

Construction/Landscaping: Showoff projects you have completed, and market your brand for the next big construction project.

Real Estate: Put your listings on your own personal App, and impress your clients by having them download your App for all market updates and their new home. 

Accounting: Run all your appointments and remind your clients its TAX Season. 

Automotive: Place your inventory right in the app !

School/University: Keep a record of all your students and monitor their progress with your own app. Start a new App project

Gym/Trainers: Create your own custom workout app !

Our Favorites, STARTUPS !! Out of all the people we relate to them the most.  We understand how difficult and challenging it is to bring a new product and gain trust of new consumers. We want to make sure all STARTUPS can impress their clients with some icing on the cake by offering them a free download of their app, and of course their landing page website to show off their new innovation.

And not limited to….

Any Small Businesses, Bloggers, Freelancers, Movie Makers or a Hobbyists. 

With a WordPress Mobile App now ANYONE can create anAPP 


Asim Mahar: Inventor of BuildiApps, conceived the idea of deploying wordpress as a backend database engine, and utilizing its APIs to create a unique user interface for mobile app industry through AJAX, JSON and PhoneGap.

Sarah Khan: Solution Architect of BuildiApps, supported system development, designed essential integration tools using various popular Frameworks, and managed databases.


Contact Information:

Asim Mahar

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