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Aug 5, 2015 9:33 EST

Circle Commerce: provides the most adaptable Order Management Software at the best price/performance in the industry

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015

Circle Commerce

Circle Commerce



The objective of Circle Commerce Manager is to manage every aspect of the product and data flow necessary to fully process orders – that’s why it’s called order management software! But to do that, the system must provide support for a wide variety of functions – full call center/customer service/CRM support, forecasting and purchasing, product information management (PIM, interfaced to the channels), inventory management, warehouse management, a full accounting suite that is 100% integrated, extensive web services to handle a variety of interfaces – the list goes on and on.

So, our order management software does far more than “just” manage orders – it’s the information hub that drives your business. But what makes Circle Commerce Manager unique is that it is the only package in the industry that can be readily adapted to each and every specific need that a company may have. In short, CCM is fully customizable and was built to be that way from the very beginning.

Circle Commerce products are based on technology and business practices that have evolved over two decades. The continual refinement of the process, and continual introduction of current technology, has resulted in abusiness/technology “ecosystem” that surpasses any other offering on the market. Our order management software design is elegantly simple in nature, yet delivers more breadth of function, speed, and flexibility than any competitive offering in the Order Management Systems market, leveraging the best of today’s technology.



Circle Commerce is the only vendor in the Order Management Software market that can effectively adapt virtually any part of our system, and do it cost effectively, with full ability to upgrade, and with full support of all specific functions within your system.

Most everyone we talk to starts out thinking that’s impossible. In fact, we often hear that our claims seem be “too good to be true.” But ask our clients that have been with us for 20 years (or any other client) or see for yourself. We have countless examples of the unique customization that we have provided for our customers over the years.


The inclusion of multiple dashboards in Circle Commerce Manager provides the opportunity for various functions and processes throughout the system to be viewed graphically. This is fairly standard in current Order Management Software, but once again, this is where Circle Commerce starts, and our competitors stop.

Like all other aspects of CCM, our dashboards are fully customizable. We can add new ones, change existing ones, add or subtract components – total flexibility, so that each individual dashboard user gets the specific view that is most effective for their needs.


Every software product has reporting, and most are adequate at best. Circle Commerce has created a reporting process that is truly revolutionary, and leverages the full integration of our system effectively.

Every report in our Order Management System is user configurable, and the reporting tool is very easy to use. The primary output of reports is into a “hot grid” inside the system – and by “hot” we mean with the ability to do drill down from a report. From a user generated report. From YOUR report. So it’s not just a reporting tool; it’s a fully customizable analysis tool with limitless possibilities.

Configurable Client UI:

Our client user interface (UI) is built in .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), using the phenomenal tools from DevExpress to provide a totally theme based UI. This approach allows us to configure the UI as different clients prefer quite readily on a system wide basis.

At the individual screen level, our customization capabilities are on full display, as we can readily build or modify any screen in any way needed. This is a core part of what we do.

Shopping Channel Integration:

Using our extensive array of interface tools for XML handling and Web Services, our Order Management System is fully integrated with Amazon, eBay, and will be adding integration to other shopping channels to our base offering. We also can cost effectively add interfaces for niche shopping channels that may serve your specific markets – and it will be fully seamless, which no other vendor can deliver!

Contact Information:

Frank Hanshaw
Jim Smith
Ned O'Connor

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