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Aug 5, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Archived: Brukoboards – Wood is good: Wooden Bicycles, Accessories, Skimboards and Longboards-are made with a contribution to the ecology by reducing use of syntethic resins

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2015

Brukoboards – Wood is good: Wooden Bicycles, Accessories, Skimboards and Longboards-are made with a contribution to the ecology by reducing use of syntethic resins



Bruko was born almost by chance, in a small restoration lab opened in 1930 in Bologna. Using our thirty years experience in woodworking, we tried, and still try, to create items with a perfect union between performance and beauty. The our products are made with a contribution to the ecology by reducing the use of synthetic resins.

Ideas and prototypes are developed in our laboratory, deep inside the old historical centre of Bologna. The production, all handmade, is possible thanks to the collaboration or different local artisans. Diversifying work means having a high quality product, a priority for us, according to the real made in Italy way of working. We choose one by one the wood boards to be worked, assuring the high quality of our materials. Building every piece one off, we can customize our products on our clients.


Our job is constantly evolving, with the support of many young collaborators who believe in us and in our Bruko project. Together with video makers, photographers, engineers and riders: with their precious help we are winning the challenges this projects decided to face.


Brukobike: on september 2013 our bike was born, a model with backpedal brake. Following our studies and tests on wood stratification, we built a frame strong and safe but also light, at the same time. Designing our bike we took inspiration from carbon fibre bikes, looking for the same agile and aggressive profile, merging a contemporary style with the warmth of the tradition of wood. The result is a fresh and innovative effect.

Accessories for bicycles: our accessories, (fenders, handlebars, pedals and carters) are realized with maple and mahogany layers. Our purpose is to create unique and valued products, for this reason we use first-rate material and we pay attention to every single detail during the manufacturing process. The transparent waterborne paint we use in the finishing touch makes our products waterproof, then the beeswax enhance them a natural and nice to feel effect.


Longboard: almost all our stiff boards are prepared in simple wood, without fibres: they are created stiff and so they last thanks to the ‘concave’. Producing flexible longboards requires a deep study on professional archery craftsmanship: birch, layers of maple and/or mahogany, with added layers of ‘Formica’, are used in these boards, in various proportions, to assure the right balance among stiffness, resilience and lightness. With this mix of materials and high level work, we can also use vinyl glues instead of double-components resins, much more toxic and polluting.

Skimboard: starting from january 2013, we faced the challenge to build even skimboards, both ‘wave’ and ‘flatland’. We found a new particular solution: creating empty spaces among the layers, right inside the skimboard. We succeeded in having good results on lightness and performance.

What are the funds for?


We’re working on a new ‘unisex’ wooden citybike with gear hubs and hub dynamo with USB connector with the possibility to recharge your phone. We want to build a luxury bike, for a comfortable but eco-friendly life. We started a wooden children bike and mountainboard prototype and we would like to collaborate with a snowboard manufacturer to create a bruko snowboard line.

http://www.shimano.com/publish/content/global_cycle/en/sg/index/products/city___comfort_bike/cyber_nexus.html# – this is the set what we have intention to use for our bike and reason what we started this crowdfunding. The automatic gear is important for us because is the way to not pierce and make overly changes on the wood frame of our bicycle.




5 euro – Stickers Bruko & seeds of birch (only in Europe)

20 euro- Bruko keychain

40 euro – Bruko wooden eairrings by 4kezes

50 euro – Bruko keychain + earrings

85 euro – organic cotton T-shirts- Bruko special edition- They are available in size S, M and L for men and one size for women.   by www.weareunico.com – for the size please contact us on bruko.crowdfunding@gmail.com


100 euro – Bruko pedals ‘new special edition’

135 euro – Bruko handlebars ‘Arco’

175 euro – organic cotton T-shirts- Bruko special edition-(by www.weareunico.com) + Bruko pedals ‘new special edition’

190 euro Bruko Longboard deck-2016 ‘PooLover’

200 euro Bruko handlebars ‘Arco’ +  organic cotton T-shirts- Bruko special edition-(by www.weareunico.com)

220 euro Bruko handlebars ‘Arco’ + Bruko pedals ‘new special edition’

350 euro Skimboard Bruko flatland

380 euro complete Bruko Longboard PooLover -2016 (with Paris truck 180, bearings abec9, seismic wheels – or same quality)


About the project owner





A special thanks to Moviementi for the video (http://www.moviementi.eu/) to Silvia Lambroglia for her beautiful voice, to UNICO for the T-shirts (http://www.weareunico.com/), to 4kezes for the earrings, to Leo Sassoli who set up our bikes and to everyone who helped us in these years.


Contact Information:

Paolo Brunello

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