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Aug 4, 2015 12:20 PM ET

Archived: The Hatebusters: A National, Anti Islam-Hate Campaign!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2015

The Hatebusters

The Hatebusters: Bustin’ Hate With Love, Nationwide!


We are the Hatebusters, and we believe that Anti-Islam hate can be neutralized with love. We have one objective: to bust Anti-Islam hate with love!

Check out what we’re doing and contribute to keep it going for the rest of the year!

Hatebuster Trucks

Hatebuster trucks have a daily mission of bustin’ hate with love on the streets. These amazing mobile trucks, packed with loving and insightful messages, drive for 10 hours a day to clear up misconceptions about Islam.

Here’s hatebuster truck #1 in front of the Today Show, in New York City!

and here we are in front of FOX news! 

And in front of CNN!

Our Hatebuster trucks catch the eyes of many, while spreading love!

Here’s Hatebuster truck #1 in front of City Hall in Baltimore, Maryland!

We also launched Hatebuster Truck #2 onto the streets of New York City.

Hatebuster Truck #2 grabbed the attention of many with this message:

Huge crowds came around to see love:

We asked people to stand and take a picture if they agreed with the messages on the truck. The response was unbelievably positive!

They, and many more, agreed with our messages!

People even stopped us in the street to applaud our work and many gave us their thumbs up!

Hatebuster trucks are also equipped with Hatebuster Heroes!

Hatebuster Heroes are trained volunteers that ride along Hatebuster trucks to engage the public and clarify misconceptions about Islam! 

Here’s a Hatebuster Heroine spreading love by giving a rose to someone who agreed with our message!

Let’s continue to bust hate with love!

We are ready to do the foot work, we just need the funds to make it happen. This campaign will allow us to continue rolling our Hatebuster trucks out onto the streets of various cities for the rest of the year!

It will also further increase awareness about our campaign, which will allow us to continue onto other Hate Bustin’ projects we have. 

How you can help

We want to reach $30k before the end of Ramadan, and we believe that together we can reach this goal. Here’s how you can help:

#1 Support us financially

Your Donations are tax deductible, and go towards an awesome cause.

#2 Spread the word

Make sure to share this all over social media outlets like facebook and twitter! The more people that see it, the more likely we can continue to bust hate!

#3 Keep us in your Prayers

These are free but are also the most powerful, so don’t forget us in this blessed month!

Some frequently asked questions:

a. Who is NYC Muslim Center?

The Hatebusters are a branch of NYC Muslim Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in New York City.

b. Where are the funds going towards?

Funds raised here are going towards The Hatebusters which includes: costs of trucks through a mobile advertisement service, design work, printing of the mobile billboard ads as well as supplies used by our Hatebuster Heroes such as t-shirt and roses.

c. What are the costs to operate a Hatebuster Truck?

Hatebuster trucks cost $4000.00 a week to run in NYC. The service is currently provided by a mobile billboard company. Many factors are included in this figure including Insurance, Gas and the Driver. Additionally, Hatebuster Trucks operating outside of NYC have an additional cost of the added travel (tolls, gas) and the Hotel rental for the Driver. This cost is and additional $1000 per week.

d. What are the objectives of the money raised here?

Funds raised here will allow The Hatebusters to continue to operate Hatebuster trucks, organize Hatebuster Heroes and Hate Bustin’ activities with people for the next year. 

e. What is the breakdown of the funds raised here?

6 weeks of Hate Buster Trucks, $4000 each (One week per month until the end of the year) = $24,000

3 weeks in locations outside of NYC = $3,000 additional

T-Shirt Costs: $5 per t-shirt, 200 shirts, $1,000

Roses, 50 roses per week, 6 weeks = 300 roses. $2.00 each = $600

$1700 left for overhead / unexpected travel costs.


Contact Information:

The Hatebusters

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