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Aug 4, 2015 3:45 PM ET

LUNCH AT MIDNIGHT: a comedic drama

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2015



I think there is a lack of fundamental stories being produced. About people. About relationships. About the gunk. My life is shades of grey, and I think most people live in that world, too. This movie is a representation of those aspects. Humor and drama are everywhere and go hand in hand. Laughter at a funeral. Crying at a wedding. Family fist fights at holiday gatherings.

This is why I want to make this film. I want to show that life isn’t clean, but we like it that way. Pain can be healing. Laughter can be sorrow. And love doesn’t fit in a greeting card.  

This story started two years ago. Four drafts later and after many conversations in my head, it is ready to be brought to life. In the spirit of the film, it needs to be made now because time is the most precious and uncertain value we share. 


LUNCH AT MIDNIGHT is a comedic drama. FELIX BALLARD was never close with RJ, his recently comatose father, but is forced to care for him. Felix’s mother recently died, and with his brother RYAN living overseas and his Uncle TEDDY, the family lawyer, who refuses to help, Felix is alone. His father’s insurance is approaching the max pay out and Ryan, the executor of his father’s living will, refuses to sign a transfer to a state-run facility and will only consider moving him if he qualifies for a study.  However, that requires a cognitive response with some form of movement. With the mounting cost, Felix is going broke.

ALMA, an in-home, new nurse at the Ballard home, lives with her mother, ESTHER, after Alma’s recent divorce to receive some help taking care of her four-year-old boy MAX.

Felix works overnights at a local television station. Alma works overnights at Felix’s home. Both are lonely, proud, and determined to hold together their respective situations, while still searching for a twinkle of hope, a hope they start to see in each other.

After a night drinking, Felix is arrested for punching a Chicago alderman’s nephew. Since it is election season, Teddy negotiates court-ordered therapy with DR. SPES in lieu of any formal charges. Felix begrudgingly attends to avoid the fines.

Dr. Spes is a burnt-out psychologist, aware of his apathy to his patents but prideful enough to actually do a credible job. His loose, unconventional style connects with Felix who starts to examine his past, tries to make amends with his father, and makes changes to his life by taking a chance and starting to date Alma.

Felix finally has a breakthrough. He lets go of his animosity towards his father and tells the motionless man that he loves and forgives him. RJ has an unexpected response. 

The resulting events test Felix and Alma’s relationship and lead to mistrust, a cross-country trip, and hope.


After completion, we plan on submitting the film to major market film festivals in the Summer – Fall 2016. At the conclusion of the festival run, we plan on releasing the film on streaming service and video-on-demand in the Winter of 2016 – Spring 2017 (Amazon, itunes, as well as on Seed&Spark). For donors, however, we will have pre-distribution digital copies at the same time as the festivals.

Contact Information:

Jonathan Szwajkowski

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