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Aug 4, 2015 1:00 PM ET

Archived: Eco-Vert Farms: an indoor vertical farming corporation that has a mission of becoming the leader in global food production

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2015

Eco-Vert Farms

Eco-Vert Farms Logo


Eco-Vert Farms, Inc. is an indoor vertical farming corporation that has a mission of becoming the leader in global food production. In the US alone this is a $149Billion industry for crops alone. It is our belief that indoor farming can be more efficient, cost effective, reliable, and safer than conventional farming. The reason we believe that indoor farming has not taken over is the shear startup costs to change such a large industry that is “working”. For a skyscraper farm that could feed just the hotels in Las Vegas, NV it was estimated to cost around $300Million. In the end it probably would have cost closer to a Billion. Which means they would needed to produce close to $10Billion in hotel meals before investors reached an ROI, possibly even 10x that depending on end costs.

The Eco-Vert model is small scale farms that supplement the food supply, and use profits to build additional locations until the market is saturated. Growing micro-agriculture within every community around the world. We can scale farms onto vacant land, vacant structures, even parts of structures. Empty office in an office complex? We can rent that space and build a farm inside. Empty apartment in an apartment complex, we can transform it into a farm without changing any structure. This way it can become an apartment again and the farm can move elsewhere if called for. Vacant forsale apartment building? We can buy it, turn half into a farm, and provide a few homeless people/families in the community a place to live, and a place to work. A floor in a skyscraper available for lease, we can rent it and grow food for tenants of other floors within the skyscraper. We will fill all the vacant space little by little. Still a long-term ROI, but much smaller investments, leading to an easier wait time for a return.

Eco-Vert Farms, Inc. will utilize Title III of the Jobs Act of 2012 when it goes into effect, which is anticipated sometime in October 2015 allowing anyone to invest as little as $1.

Products / Services

Edible plants

The company will grow, harvest, and sell a variety of edible plants. There are over 22,000 edible plants, our primary focus will be conventional foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, lettuce, spinach, greenbeans and other produce typically found in a grocery store. Each farm in a community will grow just a few different crops. Once established the company will branch into all edible plants.

Grow Systems

The company will develop marketable grow systems for both home and commercial use. All systems will be patented systems. We are currently seeking a $5,000 investment into the development of the first marketable system. This specific investment will bring great value and cost savings to the company, so for a $5,000 investment specifically for this purpose the company is offering a 2 for 1 stock option, meaning you will be given 10,000 shares for your investment. This investment will also allow the company to continuously prototype system and system parts at a fraction of the cost.

Contact Information:

Ian Echterling

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