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Aug 3, 2015 7:05 PM ET

Archived: Uncle Bubbas Mobile Bbq Joint

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2015

Uncle Bubbas Mobile Bbq Joint

Short Summary ::)

The origin of the name Uncle Bubba:
My 1st niece, Jourdinae as a toddler would try and say my name “Uncle Ronnie”, but only Uncle Bubbles/Bubba would come out and her aunt, my sister Ciceli adopted Bubba as the “Official” Uncle title for me, and now 2 more nieces, and 5 nephews later, I must say I’ve been very proud to be Uncle Bubba.

Uncle Bubbas Mobile Bbq Joint

Uncle Bubbas Mobile Bbq Joint retails a unique, great tasting bbq’d food product that can be served as finger food or the main entree of a full course meal. What makes our products unique, and sets us apart from the rest, is our wet and dry preparation of marinating our meats then finishing them off with our 7 season blend dry rub, then on to our DCP-dual cooking process of grilling/smoking fusion providing for a delectable and tasty experience, from our juicy chicken, brisket, tri-tip, and our signature pulled pork sandwiches you’ll write home about, to our succulent pork ribs with tender, fall of the bone meat. You can taste our seasonings down to the bone. Our sides consist of our famous four chess Mac N Cheese made with seasoned penne noodles and red bell peppers. Our candied yams are tantalizingly sweet. 

Our Fresh stir fried Spinach, Bok Choy, and Fresh String Beans all have Fresh Ginger and Garlic giving these healthy food choices amazing flavor while satisfying the needs of our vegetarian vegan customers.  We hope you have room for one of our signature pecan or sweet potato pies. We aim to provide our customers with the freshest, grass fed Angus beef to our organic fed hogs, to our locally grown produce.

Our goal is to provide at the very least 5-10 jobs in every community we enter with 2-4 positions set aside for local high school teens. UB Bbq will be utilizing retail outlets such as, grocery store parking lots, high school’s for lunch, local farmers markets, and our annual 7 bay area county fair circuit ending at our state fair to theme parks and local sporting events.

Your support will enable us to Unite Communities through our common need for healthy community garden grown foods.

Thanks for your substancial contribution wether large or small every contribution matters.

Uncle Bubba

What We Need & What You Get

Uncle Bubba is passionate about his craft, and his community. Uncle Bubbas Mobile Bbq Joint aims to become and provide a high quality food source for the communities he serves by growing the produce used in his menus in local community gardens that he will develop. Your support will have a tremendous impact on the community on social, economical, and educational levels.  
Although our start-up goal is $15,000 for our training/Special Event Trailer, we will still an additional $60,000 to equip the trailer with the necessary appliances and safety equipment to meet local and state health department regulations. With these 2 units we’ll be able to provide great tasting foods for catering events of 1500+ attendees. Great for Weddings, Corporate Events, Quinceaneras, Family Reunions, County Fairs, to Milestone Birthday Parties. The best part is the job creation wihin the communities we serve, while providing trainig for highschool kids looking to get into the hospitality/food industry as an employee or future entrpreneur.
Staff will be educated on our produce growing process to the finished product we’re certain you’ll love.

Risks & Challenges

In any start-up business there are more often than not some risks involved. We at UB Mobile Bbq Joint have worked very diligently to minimize the potential risks by spending over a year doing market research as well as introducing our amazing products to the masses by way of a pop up kitchen in local sports bars, pubs, and lounges with great success. Now the time has come for UB Mobile Bbq Joint to take his vision on the road to success.The only forseen hurdle for 

UB Bbq is finding the necessary funds for our equipment. Our products have received rave reviews from people of all walks of life and cultures not limiting our customer base to any single cultural group creating an even greater opportunity for success.

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word!!!

During difficult economic times is when our global community can come together for causes that will impact the community in  a positive uplifting way. UB Mobile Bbq Joint mission is to transform communities into viable self supporting communities anchored by a comglomoration of small businesses.

Contact Information:

Ronald Johnson
Angela Johnson-Shaw
Eric Hodge
Author Rhachelle Nicol'

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