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Aug 3, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Archived: Knowledgemotion: The world’s best videos for digital education

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2015




The world’s best videos for digital education

Video is brilliant at showing how we and the world work. Broadband and tablets mean that video is now integrated in classroom teaching. Knowledgemotion is like a video-Getty for education. It helps publishers and providers find, buy and use video clips in their digital textbooks and courses by curriculum tagging and education license terms. Knowledgemotion represents 1.6 million digitised clips from Getty, Associated Press, Bloomberg and the BBC amongst others.


    Products & Services

    The platform, bo, matches video clips from its content partners with education publishers and providers for use in their new digital textbooks, courses and services. Education publishers select and buy from 1.6 million digitised and rights-ready clips from Knowledgemotion’s content partners including Getty, Associated Press, Bloomberg, the BBC and others. It tags a subset of clips to a number of curricula both algorithmically and via crowd-sourced teacher usage data. Authors can find clips via a curriculum-search or free text search. Clips are sold on an individual basis but the focus is annual subscriptions based on publishers committing to volumes of clips in exchange for discounts.

    Problem Solved

    Like the academic publishing world before it, school and higher education materials are moving to digital. Textbooks and courses are being (re)created for use on video-hungry tablets and devices. While publishers have great text and photos, finding and using video is difficult for issues such as cost, content rights and discovery. We solve these pain points by allowing publishers to search via subject areas and free search and buy via a single procurement point, at education-ready prices and with a single rights framework. Knowledgemotion also supplies to “digital-first” providers such as teacher networks and platforms.

    Revenue Model

    Knowlegemotion adds value to its suppliers’ clip archives by aggregating and curating clips to curricula internationally.
    It charges in four ways:
    1. Sells publishers the right to use a clip in a single textbook in a single region for 5 years at a fixed fee
    2. Offers substantial discounts to publishers that commit to annual volumes of clips
    3. For clients with substantial distribution, it can offer a mix of fixed and per user pricing
    4. Charges for value-added services e.g. editing, technical, streaming

    Exit Strategy

    We are preparing for a £2m Series A round at the end of 2015 and have a number of well-known VCs in this area following and interested in us.

    Exit is likely to be a trade sale to a supplier, education services provider or publisher. Once our global publisher sales network is fully established, we will also likely to be an acquisition target for a VC / PE roll-up.




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