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Aug 3, 2015 2:55 PM ET

Archived: Fresh Market Pantry: A soon-to-be-opened grocery store in a great family neighborhood. We’re looking to purchase more Kosher and organic products as well as coolers to serve larger demographics.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2015
Personal Story

My name is Marcus and my business partner and little brother is Courtney. We hale from a small town in Mississippi; however, since my father was stationed many places throughout the globe because of his position in the army, I used to live in Germany and Japan as a child. We love meeting people and hearing their stories. Once we settled back in the U.S., we moved around a lot. One of the places we moved to was the city of Milwaukee. I’d always liked Wisconsin so we came back to open a business here.

Our father had multiple businesses in his life time and was an amazing, loving and intelligent man. His name was Clarence; most people called him Peewee. He passed away in a drowning accident a few years ago. We both promised each other to stay true to our father’s entrepreneurial spirit. This business is dedicated to our father and his love he had for his two boys. We love you dad.

We hope to open our grocery store this coming August 1 and 2! Our store sells healthy locally organic grocery products. We also sell a fresh regular line of grocery items. Our dream is to grow to multiple locations in Wisconsin then expand into a franchise.

Business Description

We are opening a grocery store located in a great family neighborhood in Sherman Park, Milwaukee on August 1 and 2! Our store will be bright and cheerful just like us. Even though starting this venture is very tough, we work hard, smile, and have fun the whole time!

Fresh Market Pantry’s target demographics will be local families who want great customer service and high quality fresh food and household items in a clean safe environment. We will also cater to the employees of nearby businesses and their customers. For example, St Joseph Hospital is located across the street. We will target the many employees of the hospital and take advantage of the thousands of people who visit the hospital.

The goal of Fresh Market Pantry is to serve our community:
– We will provide our customers a full line of healthy fresh grocery items, packaged foods, deli items, and household items.
– Our store will sell locally grown organic products from local farmers and vendors in Wisconsin.
– We will provide breakfast and lunch food items like gourmet coffee, tea, deli sandwiches, fresh pastries, fruits and salad items for those hard working Milwaukeeans.
– We will provide our customers with reasonable prices and great sale items.
– We will also provide education to the local community on healthy great tasting foods to further good health in families.
– We will partner with the Wheaton Franciscan St. Joseph Hospital, local community groups, synagogues, and churches to better serve the residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We will use this loan to purchase more Kosher and organic products to reach wider demographics. Our store is in a Jewish area so we would like to include that demographic in the wide range of customers we have in our area of service. We have calculated that the products we would need to accomplish our goal would cost $3,100.

Fresh Market Pantry would need additional cooler/freezers to keep these products, which would cost $2,100. With more coolers, we can enhance product selections and therefore, increase the number of demographics reached. This loan will help us open our store and serve the community in our neighborhood.

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