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Aug 3, 2015 1:43 PM ET

Enactus World Cup 2015!: our opportunity to showcase the great work we do in Southampton having won the UK national competition earlier in 2014

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2015

Enactus World Cup 2015!

1 team. 6 presenters. 47,000 lives improved.

We are off to the Enactus World Cup to represent the UK!!!

This year’s competition will be held in Johannesburg and it will be the 3rd time in the last four years that the University’s Enactus team has traveled to the World Cup, with our last trip in 2013 being the best any UK team has ever achieved. In 2013 we came 2nd overall and this year we want to go and give it our best shot showing the rest of the world how great Southampton’s entrepreneurial students are. Who knows, we might go one better than the team in 2013 and win it all!


At the competition we will be presenting SanEco and Right Light which are two of our mature projects based in Kenya. These two projects alone have had a positive impact on over 47,000 people in the last 5 years by employing people in sustainable businesses who then provide creative and innovative solutions that combat some of the world’s most prominent issues.

Overall we’ll need £30,000 to help fund the cost of sending the presentation team to Johannesburg, including further support for the team once they’ve arrived for the competition. This crowdfunding project is just one of the many ways we are raising money for the trip and we hope that you feel encouraged by our enthusiasm for the competition to show your support and to make a donation that will help us get us to our funding goal.

The opportunity to travel to Johannesburg will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us and the experience of participating in the competition will provide us with the skills we need to stand out in a very competitive job market. Finally, to help get our fundraising off the ground the University will match the first £5,000 donated to the project through the donations it receives from its alumni community that support student experience projects like this one, doubling each donation made up to the first £5,000!

So wish us luck and help us show the rest of the world that Southampton has the best entrepreneurs in the world!


What is Enactus and the World Cup?

The World Cup is our opportunity to showcase the great work we do in Southampton having won the UK national competition earlier in 2014. These competitions are great motivators for many of our members to keep going with the projects they do and make them the best they can be so they can share them with the world!

The World Cup also offers an amazing opportunity to network and meet thousands of other students from around the world, who all want to make the world a better place, providing a brilliant opportunity for collaboration.

You can read more about the team and the World Cup experience here.


The team

A phrase that sums up enactus perfectly is “We are not just students”. At heart we are entrepreneurs and innovators that run some truly amazing projects. Enactus Southampton is a 200 member strong society that ultimately has one goal. Create long lasting, sustainable social change. The ethos behind everything we do is to make a difference which shows in the impact the team has had throughout the years working with a wide range of people here in Southampton and globally in Kenya.

The team after we won national competition!

SanEco & Right Light


In Kenya, many people are dependant on using Kerosene lamps for lighting as they have no other alternative. This is not only expensive but highly dangerous as well incredibly damaging to respiratory health. Being in a room for four hours with a kerosene lamp is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes!


Right Light works by setting up individuals in Kenya with Solar Lamps that they then rent out to their communities for less than they would spend on Kerosene for the night. By replacing dangerous kerosene lamps with our Right Light solar lamps, our businesses have reduced respiratory health problems by 90% among those who use our lamps and significantly reduced the amount of people who suffer from burns due to Kerosene accidents.

SanEco works in a very similar way. We train individuals how to make our products that they then distribute amongst their communities. Our SanEco soap which is made from waste bananas and avocados helps to reduce the spread of diseases such as cholera. Our toilets are made from 60% recyclable materials that stop waste from contaminating water supplies and produce a completely natural and effective fertilizer.

This is Benta, one of our Right Light entrepreneurs with her solar lamps. She rents these out every night so that she has a more stable income and at the same time, stops people using kerosene lamps which are dangerous and very bad for respiratory health.

To thank you for your support we’ve got some great rewards lined up and you can see each of them listed on the right-hand side of the page. As you can see we’re very enthusiastic students with big ideas and lots of passion to see them succeed! Every donation we receive to the project will make this once in a lifetime opportunity even more of a reality. Your support and our projects changing the world together!

Thank you!

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Enactus Southmpton

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