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Aug 2, 2015 9:02 AM ET

Archived: Balanced & Bright Bone Broth: To bring a high quality, healthy bone broth to the mainstream marketplace for everyone’s health and wellness needs

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 2, 2015
Personal Story

Born and raised in San Diego, Quinn Wilson, founder of Balanced & Bright Bone Broth – spent eight years in the interior design industry, only to discover that her true life’s passion had always been in food. Quinn founded Quinntessential Cooking in the early part of the 2000’s. Quinntessential Cooking was a small catering and education company specializing in the then budding local food movement. This endeavor led to Quinn Suzie’s Farm (www.suziesfarm.com) working as their Farm Chef and Sales Account Manager for 2+ years.

Shortly after leaving the produce business, she became interested in Traditional Foods as a lifestyle. She began making bone broth regularly at home and saw the direct benefits to her health and wellness within the first 2 weeks of drinking it on a regular basis. Almost 3 years ago, Quinn decided she would bring bone broth to the mainstream marketplace, making an arduous and time consuming process accessible to everyone. She has designed her bone broth recipe to be an easy to drink tea, versatile in all ways. You can drink her broth, sweet, salty or plain. It also slips easily into any recipe that calls for stock or broth.

In 2012 Quinn directed and designed a sustainable nutrition program for a local non-profit and also wrote a coinciding sustainable nutrition curriculum under the National School Lunch Program. Currently, Quinn works full time growing and expanding Balanced & Bright Bone Broth in San Diego, CA. Quinn also works on occasion as a freelance food stylist and food writer with an emphasis on traditional foods. She has worked on television and print media. Most recently she worked on an international cookbook that is set to be published in Spring of 2015.

Business Description

Balanced & Bright Bone Broth crafts bone broth in small batches so you can look and feel your best. It was created so you don’t have to go through the long and arduous process of making it at home, making is accessible to everyone. Balanced & Bright’s purpose is to bring a high quality, healthy bone broth to the mainstream marketplace for everyone’s health and wellness needs. Our specialty lies in crafting an easy to drink bone broth tea. It is neutral enough to drink sweet, savory or plain. All the while retaining bone broth’s nourishing elements. Quinn founded this business in 2011 after seeing the positive effects it had on her body and being. The name Balanced & Bright – hails from the fact that that is how it makes you feel when it’s a regular part of your diet.

The biggest challenge for Quinn thus far has been keeping up with the growing demand for her bone broth. There are also widely unknown, heavy federal regulations involved in making bone broth. In May of 2014, Balanced & Bright Bone Broth was shut down by the USDA. Not being one to give up in the face of adversity, Quinn found a special exception in the law and began producing bone broth out of Carnitas Snack Shack in Del Mar. In the early part of 2015, it came to light that the USDA had incorrectly shut down her operations. While the circumstances with the USDA have been a huge and unnecessary setback, Quinn has decided to push forward with her present plans. She is currently in the process of moving her production to a USDA certified production facility in San Diego, CA. This will allow Quinn to sell her product in direct to consumer and retail settings.

Balanced & Bright’s customers range from the young to old. Some are interested in maintaining health – others are trying to fix a current illness. Balanced & Bright currently has a 75% customer return rate. Goals for the future include expanding into the Southern California marketplace via direct to consumer and retail avenues. Once that marketplace has been established, we have further expansion and distribution plans built out for the company. The most rewarding part of this business for Quinn thus far – is helping people to heal their health issues and lead happy lives.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I started this business with $350. I made a point in my first year of business to not take on any debt. Every dollar that Balanced & Bright Bone Broth has made has been put straight back into this business. I have sold personal investments and invested most of my savings into Balanced & Bright Bone Broth. In that, I have learned that this is a viable and very profitable business venture. Procuring this loan will allow me to expand this business into the proven possibilities it has.

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