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Aug 1, 2015 9:41 AM ET

Archived: Peopletrip: Platform connecting like-minded individuals who regularly travel abroad

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 1, 2015







Something is missing from the travel market.

On one hand, making friendships when travelling is difficult: people don’t have time to meet new friends, they probably share a drink or a brief talk, but nothing more; furthermore, friends’ agendas don’t always match.On the other hand, planning a trip can be painful. Hours and hours spent on the Internet and expensive travel guides in order to understand which are the best events or monuments to see, or the best place to stay.

Consumers 2.0 expect to receive real-time tips about the location they are planning to visit: customer service needs to be easy to access via mobile devices.

That’s where Peopletrip’s value proposition comes in. A mix of social interaction tools and “efficiency” features will help clients to be up to date on activities and events, plan every journey with unforgettable travel mates in a couple of clicks, and be part of a community of experience seekers.



Peopletrip aims to simplify travellers’ lives giving them tools for a quick and effective planning.
• Finding travel companions is a difficult task.
PeopleTrip is a platform where users will be able to find targeted travel buddies (who share same interests/background) before they leave. They will be able to chat, share information and fly together to the selected location
• Too much information on Internet, but nothing that we think gives users a clear idea on where to go and what to see. Peopletrip will find the perfect destination for users through an algorithm based on their mood. The outcome will be a certain location with a related event/activity (we don’t suggest just the city or the area, we promote also an event/activity based on the selected mood)
• Travellers’ experiences can be the solution for fellow travellers’ problems: Peopletrip will show users what has been done by other people, sharing the maps of their travels, their comments on hotels and restaurants, monuments and activities, information on time and money required to reach a certain location.
Travellers seeking any kind of information about a certain place will use Peopletrip to find answers from the community
• Peopletrip will be also aim to be a fast track for reservations. Clients who liked other travellers’ journeys, will be able to book them in a couple of clicks.
• Peopletrip will be an experience box: users will post pictures, videos, sharing the best moments with the community. Peopletrip collects them in order to build a “Trip album” at the end of the journey.



Accepted into iStarter (http://www.istarter.it) incubation program.

A relevant number of affiliate programs are being or have been set up:
• Festicket.com: innovative website that packages together festival tickets with travel, accommodation and add-ons to create complete festival trips that can be booked in one click. It can provide general admission and VIP tickets to some of the world’s greatest festivals
• Encore Tickets (TimeOut London): tickets for the whole of London’s West End theatres including tactical promotional rates and innovative packages, plus attractions, river cruises, sightseeing tours and restaurants
• Booking.com: world leader in booking accommodations online

Market test: Regatta Event 2015 (ESCP Business School –http://regatta.eventures-escpeurope.eu) The idea and functionalities have been tested at this event, which was attended by some 500 students and top managers (Uber, Aon, Bombardier, L’Oreal), in order to validate our market proposition. These 500 students are also the first Peopletrip’s ambassadors.




Funds raised will be used primarily to turn the idea into reality. In particular, the allocation of the funds received will be across:
• Product development
• Marketing
• Overheads

The first app will be a version (the iOS application will be developed first) with just few basic functionalities. This strategic decision has been taken since most of the functionalities of the idea need a certain level of active users to be performing properly. We don’t want to get them published too early and disappoint our first users just because there is not enough information inside.
As soon as Peopletrip reaches a certain level of active users who upload photos and itineraries, new functionalities will be published.

Contact Information:

Paolo Dotta
Luca Comunian
Gabriele Pigoli

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