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Aug 1, 2015 5:17 PM ET

Archived: GOLIADOR – FOOTBALL TITANS: The FIRST GAME where you conquer the world with your football knowledge!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 1, 2015



Hi, we are Bogdan and Codrut Asaftei, from Belgium and we are developping a totally new PC game that combines football knowledge and heroes fights. We love gaming, starting with Heroes of Might and Magic, World of Warcraft until Game of Thrones or Call of Duty.  
Together with our team, we want to develop a football game, but a very different one. A game that combines your football knowledge about your favorite football team or competitions with the skills of the football player.

Basically, the GAME is like this: 

1. You choose your team, start playing matches in the SECOND DIVISION. As the icon of the team, you pick a TOP PLAYER, drawn in a different hypostasis (Ronaldo Terminator, Messi the Warrior, Ibra Robot, Neymar the Angel, Suarez the Wild etc.) There will be tens of such players. Each of these player has a special skill: gets more penaly shots, free kicks, brings extra-goals, brings more time etc. It acts like a joker card, brings you an additional advantage (JOKER PLAYER).

2. If you win several matches, you advance to the FIRST LEAGUE (called the national division).

3. If you win more matches, you advance to the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS, like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League. 

To win a match, you and your opponent will have to answer at several questions about football! Who knows more wins more! The questions will appear as in the TV famous show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

The magnitude of this game is huge: you can become the conqueror of the world, the best football fan in the history! You can defeat all your opponents, despite giant names like Real Madrid, PSG or Barcelona!

We estimate that the game will be completed until the end of this year. 


The JOKER PLAYER will bring you an additional advantage, like a penalty shot, a new goal, free kicks or even a new victory! Each JOKER PLAYER has its own such SKILL!

What We Need & What You Get

To complete the game, we need SUPPORT! We need USD 60,000 to make the internet version of the game in English, with the main European leagues and competitions.  

This would be a FABULOUS start, even if we dream to cover the football leagues from all the countries in the world. This day will come, I am sure! Every contributor will receive free access to the game and even more!

The Steps of the Game

As said, to win a match, you and your opponent will have to answer at several questions about football! The questions will appear as in the TV famous show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

You begin the game as a small football team in the second division. You will have to fight, win matches in order to advance to the FIRST LEAGUE. Here, the battle continues, you will have to win matches to survive in this division. And if you win enough games, you advance to the international competitions, like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, Inter Continental Cup. 

Moreover, in dfferent parts of the game, the JOKER PLAYER brings you an additional advantage, a penalty when you more need it, a goal in the last seconds, following an action which he starts and continues by himself, all alone etc.

The Funding

The largest amount of the funds will go towards two directions: the design of the game and the data base. We will make a design with FOOTBALL players drawn like Giants, Robots, Angels, Warriors or Terminators. At the same time, the data base will contain more than 80,000 questions about football, which are chosen wisely as not to be too hard, but to be mostly delightful, to incite the most pleasant memories about each one’s favorite football team.

If we succeed to collect more than USD 60,000, we will include more countries, more continents, more football competitions! Of course and unfortunately, if we don’t reach our entire goal, we will have less FOOTBALL LEAGUES included.

The Impact

The project is valuable because it can be played during a coffee break, a short bus trip to the job or even when the boss is not around :). Because one game (one match) lasts about 15 minutes. 

We love football, we love gaming, therefore, the best combination will be to unify them: strong knowledge about football and the skills of the TOP PLAYERS

Risks & Challenges
The main obstacle is not to reach our goal. In our tems: not to score! But even so, we have a back-up plan. We will build the game, but, as we’ve already highlighted, with less FOOTBALL LEAGUES and COMPETITIONS. And, probably, wih some fees!

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that most of the people love sport and gaming. This is the first support we need, that we know gaming and sport are two things that you love. We also love them a lot. That’s why we kindly ask you to support us and spread the word about our project. We appreciate and thank for each good word! Especially that we are at the very beginning of the project. That’s why please SUPPORT OUR CAUSE and, of course, LIKE & SHARE us on Facebook!

And, moreover, use the Indiegogo tools to share our project! 


Contact Information:

Codrut Asaftei

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