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Jul 31, 2015 1:13 PM ET

Archived: The Messenger (De Boodschapper): Stop the negative hate campagnes ! Conveying a positive image of muslims and the prophet (pbuh) through public advertising in the Netherlands (Holland)

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2015

The Messenger (De Boodschapper)

Fight the negative (hate) campagnes

By using advertising billboards we will spread a positive image (message) of muslims and the prophet Muhammed (pbuh). With all the current negativity, hate and islamophobic campagnes in the Netherlands going on against muslims and Islam, an initiative has begun to bring about a reaction and try to influence the masses with a positive image and message about muslims and their prophet/religion. Project De Boodschapper (The Messenger) has risen.

MESSAGE –  As muslims we are all messengers of The Messenger. So let us bring out a positive message about The Messenger (pbuh) so share this message with everyone ! Support us and support The Messenger ! Help and donate, even if it is a small amount of money.

VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7Mp3xIJtd4
With English subtitles

Influence the Dutch masses

Because of certain groups and individuals like Geert Wilders (Dutch MP) who have a big influence on the Dutch masses with their anti-Islam and anti-muslim rhetoric and hate campagnes, they have portrayed a distorted and bad image of muslims and our prophet to the Dutch masses. So how are we going to fight and combat this negativity and hate ?

By using marketing psychology to influence the masses with the true positive image and message that Islam and the muslims should have. By using advertising billboards spread across cities in the Netherlands, we will convey a hadith, saying or quote of the prophet Muhammed (pbuh). We will also publish on these billboards certain real-life muslim heroes that have saved somebody’s life for example, so people will be accustomed to the fact that having muslims around even saves certain lifes of certain non-muslims.

Translation: Muhammed saves man and woman from drowning

Project De Boodschapper (The Messenger)

How are we going to achieve this ? We want to hire the billboards by paying the companies (owners) of these billboards for a set amount of days or weeks. With these advertising campagnes placed on billboards usually found on different busy traffic roads and also billboards at busstops we can really reach the masses.

At the moment we are setting up our first campagne with local donations. The pictures shall be uploaded on this page Inshallah.

In addition to this, we want to buy advertising trailers and put them in different parking lots and these trailer would then be our own possession so we can always use these in the future.

With $10.000 we would have enough money to continue and spread these campagnes to different cities in the Netherlands. Also keep following our facebook page for updates.

50 Billboards cost about €1900,- ($2100) for one city (displaying it 7 days).

40 Billboards – €1500 ($1650) for 7 days display

25 Billboards – €1000 ($1100) for 7 days display

10 Billboards – €400 ($450) for 7 days display

Buying our own adv.trailers will cost about €1000,- ($1100) each.


Donate to:

(IBAN = International Bank Account Number)
IBAN: NL03INGB0006759023
For the account of: Stichting Tasmim
Include in description: Support The Messenger


Contact Information:

Tasmim Foundation (Stichting Tasmim)

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