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Jul 31, 2015 6:42 AM ET

Archived: TERRA MADRE: a new concept of “Restaurant” in the heart of the city of Edinburgh

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2015




Project aim

The Project is about the creation of a new concept of “Restaurant” in the heart of the city of Edinburgh. A place designed and developed with great cure and attention to details. The Place will be divided in 2 businesses: aRestaurant and a Shop where to purchase real Italian products.
The Italian Factor will be its distinctive trait: our natural vocation for Art (combined with technology), for Ancient Culture (masterly applied to present days), for the truest Emotionality, and for the Education to Food as source of mental and physical wellbeing.

The factor that nourishes the soul.

It’s about sharing, as we did in the past, the richness of our Country in the most creative, fascinating and profitable possible way. We want to create a unique value through the combination of two excellent features:
A Brand of Italian heart and soul but of Anglo-Saxon management and scalability.

About the project

TERRA MADRE a great place to eat, combining an intriguing atmosphere with excellent, interesting food. The mission is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount. We want to be the restaurant choice for all families and singles, young and old, male or female. Employee welfare will be equally important to our success. Everyone will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. We want our employees to feel a part of the success of Terra Madre Restaurant.

We will combine menu variety, atmosphere, ambiance, special theme nights, a cosy shop and a friendly staff to create a sense of ‘place’ in order to reach our goal of over all value in the dining/entertainment experience. We want fair profits for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for the employees.

TERRA MADRE, located at the heart of the popular Shore area of Leith, in the north of Edinburgh city centre, intends to cater to a wide group of people. We want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed in a cosy atmosphere with a wide and varied menu. It is our goal to have “something for everyone” everyday on our menu. In looking at our market analysis, we have defined the following groups as targeted segments.

Business Men/Women

Happy Couples

The Family



From Food to Pleasure
The gathering around the table not only to share food but also for the most noble aspect that the food culture has been able to consolidate throughout time: the sharing of dialogue, reflection, sociality. Creation of customized food programs and events to go back to this ancient pleasure being aware that Food is one of our grandest ally in the voyage towards wellbeing.

Our competitive edge is the menu, the chef, the environment, the products, the management, the service and our friendly place! The chef has an excellent taste for what fine dining is and requires. Our environment is elegant and comfortable and our decor is warm and relaxing. Great service is very important to us. The management and servers will handle every detail to make customer’s special evening even more special! All this and our great atmosphere will make customers want to come back again and again!
Terra Madre Restaurant will feature an outstanding original Italian menu with a touch of artisan products in an upscale and cosy atmosphere. The menu is inspired from different regional specialties and will appeal to a wide and varied clientele. We will offer a ‘business lunch’ prix fixe and “special take-away” in addition to the regular menu.

We will be open 7 days a week 11 AM to 10 PM. Saturday and Sunday we will serve brunch between 11 AM – 4 PM. We will be open on bank holidays and during the most important touristic occasions.

The restaurant will have paintings and drawings from some Italian most notable new artists. Once every three months the Restaurant will feature special events to promote and convey the Italian tradition with new and exiting media. We will send out special invitations for the opening night and attract many people and newspapers. The events will only take place in the shop area so we can still seat people in the restaurant.

Our main aim is to create a Long Term relationship with our customers. That is because we believe that only through a strong relation based on trust, reliability and consistency in delivering the promise made we can consolidate our revenue flow.

In these days, customers are more and more informed and demanding, exactly what we are when we become consumers. The only reason why we repeat the purchase is because we feel the perceived performance of the product/service we got is matching or even being superior to our expectations.




The creation of a unique and innovative fine dining atmosphere will differentiate us from the competition. The restaurant will stand out from the other restaurants in the area because of the unique design and decor. We will offer a fine dining experience in a cosy atmosphere.

Product quality. Not only great food but great service and atmosphere together with the possibility to buy Italian products

Culture and knowledge about the current Italy. No more “pizza&mandolino” concept. Italy the way you experience it right now. We will also have special theme nights in order to share the atmosphere and the Beauty of food. All this will attract a varied clientele to TERRA MADRE.

Due to intense competition, restauranteurs must look for ways to differentiate their place of business in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. The founders of Terra Madre realize this. With the re-development of the Commercial Quay, it needs a place that will fit into the ‘new look’ of the community that is sophisticated and entertaining. The fact that there is no Italian Restaurant in the area with this concept and atmosphere presents us with a window of opportunity and an entrance into a profitable niche in the market.

The Team and key partners have already been identified. The Project Team is composed of people with specific competences and skills and years of expertise developed inside the Food Industry. In the same way, partner companies have already been chosen. They are Companies that have been on the market, on the average, for more than 20 years and that represent the highest “Italian Food” both in terms of domestic market share, and in terms of international Brand Awareness. The combination between these resources’ competences and the synergy with these companies make this project unique and on the cutting-edge.

Contact Information:

Marco Savi

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