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Jul 31, 2015 8:33 AM ET

Archived: Giggzo: a free social app that rewards with networking, productivity and brand loyalty!!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2015


Giggzo Logo


Giggzo is a free social app that rewards with networking, productivity and brand loyalty!!

Giggzo packs the power of loyalty rewards and referrals over crowd sourcing, funding etc.

Aims to establish the consumer as brand ambassador, value their time, referrals and connections. 

Also has a social/charitable cause embedded; which will be established an eco-system over time.

Giggzo interface available on web & android devices

Distinctive features include:

• Multi-tier referral rewards to users for networking and promoting content and also provide a
credible referral to the posted content.
• Giggzo provides a platform to automatically help with serving the community by a charity
ecosystem of raising funds and donations.
• Each content is classified into short ads that will be almost like a tweet. Ads and content will be
trending and discovered within network and out of network by hash tags.


Products / Services


Giggzo is a profit sharing platform that brings promotion, referral and ad revenue to networkers using loyalty and crowd sourcing principles.

What Giggzo does is to provide an online marketplace for sharing, procuring or giving trusted referrals of goods, services or needs using social networks and gain good will or cash rewards!

Giggzo helps with users able to zone and reach out to exact target audience with deals, services, offers etc and entice them with rewards for joining the promotion. Using Giggzo, the gap between the service or trader and their buyer is bridged by using loyalty, preferences and referral networking over the social media.

Giggzo uses multi level referral networking with a rewarding system for chain link referrals. Giggzo is on web and android, soon to be on other mobile systems.

Giggzo’s multi level referral networking and echo rewarding system has a provisional patent.

Contact Information:

Ravi Venugopal

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