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Jul 31, 2015 3:56 PM ET

Archived: CSL Phase 2 – GET BUSY MAKING: to bring our facilities up to a standard that would enable us to deliver short maker courses to inspire young people in our area

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2015


We are aiming to refurbish and improve a number of our workshop facilities to bring them into line with educational standards of Health and Safety requirements by investing in equipment and tooling.
Tooling might include:
Fob activation and integrated emergency stops system for all machines
Additional extraction units
Panel Saw
CnC router kit
Multiple sets of hand tools for woodwork
and more…

Alongside this we would also seek to fund a studio space for 6 months to enable a resident technician and workshop coordinator who would be responsible for the maintenance of the workshops and conduct some of the courses.

These are all things that we have been working towards for the last two years and are only able to take on as a result of the effort we have already made. Receiving the funding from Spacehive would enable us to progress to the second phase in considerably less time.

What we’ll do:

  • upgrade our workshops
  • Provide fob activation and emergeny stop systems on machines
  • provide access to new cnc router kit
  • provide access to woodwork hand tools
  • provide further extraction and ventilation systems
  • host a maker in residence scheme
  • host maker workshops for local young people
  • be awesome!

Why it’s a great idea:

CSL has established itself in Brent as a supporter of small creative businesses, innovation, arts and education. Already we are home to half a dozen growing businesses. Many local authorities are now looking to organizations like ours for leadership on how to cultivate similar projects. We want to continue this precedent.

We will demonstrate how this type of community based project can improve the quality of life for local residents in their leisure. At the same time it will foster economic development for small businesses and help people to learn by doing.

Improving the facilities will improve benefits to our members, business users and the local community on the whole. Being able to offer maker workshops will allow us to foster creativity and inspire young people in our community.

And its Awesome!

How we’ll get it done:

  • we will purchase new equipment
  • commission installation of equipment and improvement works
  • we will hold a competition to find our maker-in-residence
  • we will promote and host the maker workshop courses

We will hold a public exhibition and event to showcase the fruits of the maker workshop courses and to highlight the work done by our maker in residence during the scheme.

We have held other events in the past such as weekly open evenings, seminars, exhibitions and open studio days. These type of events are an integral part of what we do as they enable us to promote our presence to our prospective user base and to encourage more people to be involved.

Contact Information:

Create Space London

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