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Jul 31, 2015 4:20 PM ET

Archived: Clever New App Allows Parents To Reward Kids For Meeting Learning Goals

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2015

Clever new app allows parents to reward kids for meeting learning goals

Kids rapidly improve math, appreciate a reward well-earned.

The family iPad: Educational medium or yet another “screen”?

As parents of elementary school kids and proud owners of a family iPad, this may sound like a familiar story.

When we first got that iPad, we were so excited to find so many educational apps on the app store, covering everything from reading, math and science. The iPad was going to be the best-device-ever for our kids. We read reviews for the best apps, sought recommendations from other parents. In other words, we did what it takes to download the best educational apps for our kids.

Only to realize that the kids ended up hardly ever using them.

Little surprise that movie apps and games apps end up being more fun than that math or reading apps are perceived to be!  The tricky reality most parents face is that most iPads end up becoming yet another “screen” for easy entertainment.

We all know that a good educational app, used regularly, can shape learning and improve a child’s skills. But without the daily reminder and constant encouragement from parents, its hard to get kids to do their regular dose of math.

The Learn & Earn app

A new app from Portland (Oregon) based Hiperware Labs provides a clever solution to this problem. With the Learn & Earn app, parents can define a motivational scheme that ties daily learning goals to actual rewards. For example, parents may set up a scheme that says “If my child does 10 minutes of math for 20 days, I’m willing to spend $10 in rewards.” Kids then start off by choosing one of hundreds of select rewards to work towards. If they meet their goal, the app helps to initiate purchase of the reward via Amazon.com, so kids receive it right at their doorstep.


The app is launching for US Grades 1 to 4 math across the US, with quizzes designed to cover hundreds of skills and a 500,000+ strong questionnaire. The company worked for almost a year with the Gardner School of Arts and Sciences, based out of Vancouver, WA to develop a detailed curriculum that would meet or exceed US Standard Core standards.

From a parenting standpoint, the app bundles three benefits at once: improving math, inculcating regular learning habits – and — letting kids appreciate what it takes to actually ‘earn’ the rewards they’ve always wanted.

The app is now available on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, providing early bird discounts to subscribers. (Just so you have this ready and running on your iPads before school term begins!). Be part of the campaign and help them get the app out to kids before school begins!



Actual app screens:

Parents know best! Set up a motivational scheme in seconds

For kids, each reward are labelled with the days it will take to earn them

A vast questionnaire rapidly caters to each child’s learning curve


Children may choose any number of skills to practice on any given day

Contact Information:


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