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Jul 31, 2015 4:51 PM ET

A Guide To Deception: Learn the language everyone speaks but no one understands – Body language

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2015

A Guide To Deception


Learn the language everyone speaks but no one understands. Body language. This book will give you a great understanding of the little hidden signs displayed by every person on earth. These unconscious behaviors are exactly that, unconscious. Because of this, they are unrecognized. However, with training, they can be seen and lies can be detected. Of course there are many books on the market about body language. However, this is the first one that takes the form of a study guide or lesson plan and is focused exclusively on deception. With six simple chapters and less than 100 pages A Guide To Deception makes for an easy and very enjoyable read.

Here is a book that is perfect for people of all ages and all careers. Whether you’re young or old, working or retired, this book is for you! A Guide To Deception is perfect for anyone who wants to know the truth. If you’ve ever purchased a car, home, or appliance you know that there are questions. In the back of your mind you always wonder whether or not you are truly getting the best deal. Is this salesman for real? Or is he blowing smoke? Never again will you have to wonder. Study the material in this book and you will be on your way to being able to detect deception wherever it occurs. It is the perfect book for people in sales, marketing, or consumerism, and is especially great for those in law enforcement, teaching, or practicing law. It would also be good for students and anyone in the financial world. Basically if you ever plan on having a conversation with anyone ever again you will benefit from reading this book.

This is a book with so much potential and a huge market. The first step in getting it out there is funding. It needs a bar code, an ISBN for each print type, and of course it needs to be printed. It also needs to be copy write and filed with the library of congress. In addition, a cover has to be designed, the book has to be properly laid our for publication using either Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher. There also has to be an online presence and the book has to be indexed. All of this is exceedingly more expensive than one would think. It also takes a tremendous amount of time. Once this has been completed, the book needs to get on the open market. If everything goes well it will be used in classes at potentially three different universities. In addition to being sold at these three university book stores it will also hopefully be accepted for sale at Barnes & Nobel. In addition, A Guide To Deception will be sold on the online market such as Amazon. Eventually, an ebook can be created for those who have Kindles, Nooks, and iPads. The possibilities truly, are endless.

A Guide To Deception is laid out in a simple easy-to-read format. It begins with an introduction on how to use the book. This section describes the steps to take in order to get the most out of the book. Then, once you’re ready, the chapters begin. There are six chapters each about a different topic within the spectrum of deception. Deception is defined, described, discussed, and the signs are explained. After the chapters there is a conclusion as well as an appendix of all the signs of deception explained in the book. It’s definitely worth the read! An outline of the contents is listed below.

Forward: By Scott Stumpf
Introduction: Why You Need This Book
How to Use This Book
Chapter One: Why The Truth Hurts
Chapter Two: Defining Deception
Chapter Three: Types of Lies
Chapter Four: The Ability to Detect Deception
Chapter Five: The Body’s Betrayal
Chapter Six: Signs of Deception
Conclusion: What This Means For You
Appendix A: List of Deceptive Behaviors

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Spencer Coffman

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