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Jul 30, 2015 7:05 EST

Titomirov Vodka LLC: The Developer of the First Hydrating Alkaline Vodka in World

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2015

Titomirov Vodka LLC

TITOMIROV VODKA LLC – The Developer of the First Hydrating Alkaline Vodka in World

  • No hangover or Head Related Symptoms (if consumed in reasonable quantities)
  • Unique Alkaline Vodka pH 8.2 to pH 8.88
  • Unprecedented Softness of Drinking
  • No Unpleasant Alcohol Taste

7/8 times distilled

Titomirov Vodka is the premier vodka from naturally alkaline hydrating water from the Carpathian Mountains, it is pH 8.2 and it is the first vodka in the world with balanced pH. Titomirov Vodka is seven times distilled (or eight times distilled for super premium brand – Vodka Couture) from gluten free wheat and uniquely smooth.

Titomirov Vodka LLC (Florida Corp.) is the leader in creating a new generation of alcoholic drinks based on the philosophy of alkalinity. Our pioneer product – Titomirov Vodka – is the first alkaline vodka in the world.

Alkalinity creates a better physiological condition for increasing the hydration of the body’s tissue and washing off toxins and saturated fat. It also improves the energy balance of the body by decreasing the freezing temperature of the tissue, as a result the body has to produce less energy to maintain the same level of metabolism. Naturally occurring alkalinity is a result of mountain lava filtration and occurs in rare water sources.

The Company has facility to produce up to 1 million bottles of vodka per month and is established in all design and promotion of its products.

Dr. Titomirov, Chairman/CEO is a founder and creator of the unique technology behind the first alkaline vodka – Titomirov Vodka. He holds Ph.D. in medical genetics. Dr. Titomirov has built the largest bioinformatics company in the world – InforMax, Inc. $1 billion IPO in October, 2000 [INMX].

The funds being raised ($2M plus) will be used for further marketing and promotion of the brands as well as development the sales infrastructure globally. Though our focus is US and Europe, the rest of the world we will cover once we are established in traditional vodka markets.

Our tram has vast experiences in building companies – from medical to software, banking and consumer products. We are dedicated to create substantial return on investment and we are “fast track” people – we work 24/7 till the job is done !!!

Contact Information:

Alexander Titomirov

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