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Jul 30, 2015 1:12 PM ET

Archived: Qurandroid: Quran + Android = Ancient Computer Science

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2015


Why Is This Project Important?

The Quran, Muslims, Islam and even the prophet Muhammad (SWT) have been defamed in the modern world.  There are plenty of examples that can be found.  The Quran has been portrayed as a plagiarized copy of previous texts.  The religion of Islam and the Muslims associated with it, are all considered the worst that ever lived. 

The Qurandroid Project shows proof that the Quran is a divine text not written by man.  Its shows advanced computer science logic in the structure of the Quran which cannot have been known 1,400 years ago.

As a result, it confirms the existence of a higher intelligence, higher powers, and God.  While there are plenty of scientific facts found in the Quran that have been verified by science, this discovery confirms the existence of computer science and logic in the structure of the Quran.

The Proof : Surah 55 (Ar-Rahman)

This chart shows the structure of Surah 55 (Ar-Rahman). The chart shows the structure of Surah 55 visually.  A presentation on this can be seen on

YouTube: https://youtu.be/gelgiIXA-00

Vimeo.  https://vimeo.com/133565938

What’s Next: Research and Education

This discovery requires further research into the Quran, which is hoped to result in the betterment of human civilization.  In my opinion, the research will improve how software is designed, and written. I believe we are at a major breakthrough in the fundamentals of software development. 

In the past, the Quran and Islam have shaped human civilization in many ways. I believe this is the next major step forward in human evolution. 


What This Project Needs:

This project needs at $10,000 for the following:

1- Book printing

2- Community outreach programs, creating awareness and education about computer science, and the Quran based computer science.

2- Video creation, web and video hosting (including hardware and software)

3- Implementation of a programming platform based on the Quran as well as extensive research

Why Should you Care About This?

When you support his project, you help create awareness that the Quran is based on scientific proof, and computer logic.  It sheds the false hysteria of the Quran and Islam being backward, and Muslims being ignorant.  It further shows that it is a true miracle by showing physical, and visible proof of the Quran.

Reach out to Qurandroid

If you have any questions, or want to know the extensive details of this research and discovery, please contact Zarrar Sheikh (New York City) at hpublishdev@gmail.com

Contact Information:

Zarrar Sheikh

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