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Jul 30, 2015 9:21 AM ET

Archived: ExecData, Inc.: a software development and information technology training company

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 30, 2015

ExecData, Inc.

ExecData, Inc. Logo


ExecData, Inc. is a software development and information technology training company. We currently are working on developing health care record systems and an information technology development center.

ExecData, Inc. developed and markets an independent personal health electronic record (iPHER). This device is in a credit card sized USB which can be read on any computer using a Windows operating system. The iPHER is not dependent on the Internet to operate, thus it is an independent medical record system. ExecData has also created a web-based integrated medical record system (iMRs) for use in small medical clinics and doctors offices that can work in conjunction with the iPHER.

The idea of the iPHER and iMRS systems is to streamline electronic medical record (EMR) systems for the majority of physicians in the US while providing a reliable medical backup when the Internet goes down. And in hurricane prone areas of the US such as Florida, which we are based, the Internet does go down. The need for a streamlined EMR is critical. Federal law requires all medical facilities to have and use EMRs. But such as system is costly and unwieldy for small medical facilities. These doctors do not have the funds, expertise, or time to run the back end of any EMR system. Networking, updating operating systems, virus protection, and hardware maintenance is not for the casual observer in a health care environment. The iMRS systems provide the back end for local medical clinics. In addition iMRS provides the training on these systems other EMR systems do not or will not provide. We are already creating web apps that allow voice input from computers, tablets, and phones. We are planning to help the majority of medical offices and reap the profits.


Products / Services

Independent Personal Health Electronic Record (iPHER)

The iPHER is an electronic medical record created using a Microsoft™ Access™ database system. Use of this system allowed the database and all medical records to be self-contained in a external hard drive. ExecData placed this software into a USB sized credit card that can be read on any computer using a Windows operating system. This medical database record allows the patient to have a medical record completely independent of Internet requirements. The data in the software is easily populated, read and used by physicians or patients.

The database embeds records of all medications, operations, procedures, and laboratory results. Included in this software is the ability to save and observe videos and images including x-rays and EKGs. The results and procedures can be translated internally with a click of a mouse to numerous languages. The database contains proprietary barcode systems for each medication, procedure, laboratory process, and numerous other medical procedures.

Integrated Medical Record System (iMRS)

iMRS is a system and a program. iMRS provides the back end of the physicians electronic medical record system. It provides computers, networking, training, programming, software, and support throughout the subscription of the system. In addition iMRS provides portals and apps on the Internet accessible by patients and doctors through computers, smartphones, and tablets. iMRS provides connectivity to health information exchanges. Its low initial costs makes the service obtainable for all physicians. The monthly subscription fee covers the cost of training, updates, and service on all components. This creates a fixed information technology cost and usable electronic record system for any doctor’s office.

Contact Information:

Dr. Douglas Courtney

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