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Jul 29, 2015 6:39 PM ET

Archived: WSHS Locker Room: The project includes mold and locker removal, plumbing repair, deep cleaning, and pest-control

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

WSHS Locker Room

the project

We hope to remove unsafe conditions from our student-athlete’s locker room as soon as possible. We plan to remove the mold, air conditioning, broken lockers, leaking showers, pest-infested urinals, backed-up toilets, and broken doors.  After demolition, we need to sanitize and seal the floors, seal any areas where pests are entering the area, treat mold on walls/ceiling/floors/ducting, paint, install functioning toilets/urinals/sinks, lockers, AC unit, and any other plumbing problems.  If we are able to exceed our goal, we plan to provide an area for the team to watch film and meet.

the steps

Place equipment in storage pods (1 day), Demolition (1 week), mold removal (2 days), AC (2-3 days), pest control and sealing (1-2 days), floors/paint (4 days), locker installation (2 days), plumbing installation (1 week), finish out/detail (2 days)

why we’re doing it

Our student athletes are subject to unhealthy, unsanitary, deplorable conditions in their locker rooms.  They have an AC unit that does not work, unhealthy mold growing in showers that do not function but constantly drip, toilets that do not flush, sinks that run dirty water, and lockers that are old and broken.  They have pest control problems with all kinds of filth and bacteria growing as well.  There is no sanitary place to use the rest room or wash your hands, and no sanitary place to meet as a team.  We are proud of our Spartans, and the way they have risen above these conditions but it is time to take action!

Contact Information:

Lora Lyons

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