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Jul 29, 2015 10:32 AM ET

Archived: “Time 4 Me” Young Carers: children and young people under 18 years old who help care for a family member who lives with them

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

“Time 4 Me” Young Carers


A Young Carer provides “Caring” in many different ways, including doing housework, washing, dressing, providing medication, cooking and providing emotional support. They could be caring for a family member who could be chronically ill, physical and mental disability or drug and alcohol abuse . Being a Young Carer it can lead to a restricted childhood, poor access to education, being bullied and excessive emotional stress.

Cardiff YMCA “TIME 4 ME” Young Carers Project provides support for over 200 young carers throughout the Cardiff area and looks to give them a break from being Young Carers and the opportunity to have normal childhood experiences; a chance to meet other Young Carers; make new friends & have some fun!

What we’ll do:

  • We are looking to raise £8,000 towards supporting Young Carers
  • This will pay for our programme of respite events for over 200 Young Carers during the year.

Why it’s a great idea:

Young Carers can often feel isolated and vulnerable, “Time 4 Me” looks to improve their lives and support them in their role as a carer and help them gain access to many things which other children and young people enjoy.

How we’ll get it done:

  • We support their caring role with help and guidance in Skills for caring and help in life skills
  • We support Young carers and their families through the social care system where appropriate.
  • We offer a programme of respite activities and events to give time away from their caring role
  • We offer one-to-one support where approriate

Cardiff YMCA also works in tackling disadvantage in communities throughout Cardiff in Youth work, C-Card & Sexual Health, Community support and accommodating and supporting homeless people throughout the area as well as Young Carers.

Contact Information:

YMCA Cardiff

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