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Jul 29, 2015 1:13 PM ET

Archived: The Tornado Grill – Innovative Forced Air Flow System

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

The Tornado Grill – Innovative Forced Air Flow System


We love it! The idea of creating the Tornado Grill has born while grilling. We have never decided to use other than charcoal grill because we know that the only real taste of grilled meat can only be achieved through the use of charcoal or charcoal briquettes. However we met with issues related to the charcoal lighting up, which took away the pleasure of moments we spent in the garden.We started to consider how to improve the process of lighting up the charcoal grill, and as we all know Oxygen is one of the most important elements of combustion process. In this way, we have come to the conclusion, that we should create a system that will provide the optimum amount of oxygen to the firebox.

Tornado Grill is the first on the World, patent protected Grill with the Forced Air Flow System. That means we have eliminated the biggest BBQ issue – lighting up.

The Tornado Grill has a built-in microprocessor that controls the air blowing. Just press the button (lights green) to start the forced air flow. The air blow is set to 10 minutes, and after that time the system will shut off automatically. You can turn on and turn off the system at any time (for example when you’d like to rise the temperature). You can also regulate the air flow by opening and closing the air intake.

The Tornado grill is made of thick sheet of metal wich is coated with ceramic, while the grill legs are made of stainless steel. Grate and ash pan are also made of stainless steel.Forced Airflow Syftem is powered by four AA 1,5 V batteries, or using a USB cable (33 ft cable included).

We are a small family business that operates on the market for many years.
Some of our success stories: 
1. We cooperated with universities in developing devices for research. 

2. We were among the first on the market who started from scratch with own production line of PET bottles. 

3. We have developed a manufacturing technology of contactless taps.

4. We launched the production line of patent protected “Spring” juices.

5. We were producing machines and parts for many companies including automotive, and white goods.

Dear Rockethub community!

We want to ask you to support our project. After two years spent working on the project we are sure that our work showed its good effects in the form of the Tornado Grill Prototype. But unfortunately we ran out of funds to start a mass production.

Fortunately we found RocketHub, and people – great community who support such initiatives as our.

We are convinced that all products will be delivered on time with high quality and we guarantee you will be fully satisfied.
We have an experience in production and therefore at this stage we secured a number of contacts with suppliers of materials.
Thanks to experienced engineers who are able to counteract the emergence of difficulties in production, we can ensure you that we can deal with any issues.
You will also be kept informed of every stage of the project.

Contact Information:


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