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Jul 29, 2015 12:29 PM ET

Archived: RainDrop Academy: Fighting Hatred & Ignorance with Knowledge & Love

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

RainDrop Academy

My Personal Transformation

I grew up disliking organized religion, especially scholars, who I saw teaching with a stick, anger, and hatred. It built within me contempt for religion as I believe it has done to many people of our time. This lack of correct education on the central tenets of religion and a focus on the straight path – moderation – has created a world where people are either losing their religion or becoming extreme in their beliefs. It has lead to an “us vs. them” mentality, which is contrary to traditional religious teaching. 


When I first started reading about Islam I focused on the text of the Quran because of my skepticism towards scholars. However, as a seeker of knowledge, the path was difficult and I was pulled into the same flaws that I see all around the Muslim world – a focus on the procedural instead of the core of what Islam has to offer: Purification of the Heart

In reality, Muslims around the world are not accessing the sacred knowledge that truly matters. They are being overwhelmed with the mundane and forget the fundamental point: sacred knowledge should bring you closer to God. We need a focus on the basics of Islam: Good Character. We need to be able to understand our self and learn how to control it. We need to identify our character flaws and find ways to cure those diseases.

Muslims now live in a world stuck between terrorists who hijacked our religion and want to kill us and terrorists who hate our religion and want to kill us. Muslims have to regain control of their religion by learning its true nature, which is the focus of RainDrop. 

The Importance of Al Ghazali

Although Al Ghazali lived almost 1,000 years ago, his time was very similar to ours. He was constantly struggling with extremists on both sides. 

Al Ghazali’s “Magnum Opus” is the Revival of the Religious Sciences, which is a comprehensive guide to ethical behavior in the everyday life of Muslims.  This book was received well by Islamic Scholars such as Al-Nawawi who stated that: “Were the books of Islam all lost, excepting The Revival, it would suffice to replace them all.” 


The Need for RainDrop Academy

Al Ghazali has compiled an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom in his books. These works have served to transform the lives of many Muslims and non-Muslims as it analyzes the many spiritual states and diseases of the human heart, and offers its cures. However, Al Ghazali’s works are intimidating to the layperson. For example, The Revival contains a few thousand pages. RainDrop’s goal is to share this knowledge with the general public in a way that is simple, engaging, and concise. 

RainDrop’s last year

RainDrop’s first video, On Knowing Yourself, was published in July, 2014. Since then, many more videos were published (On Periods of Worship, On Marvels of the Heart, and On Disciplining the Soul, On Friendship, On Breaking the Two Desires, On Fasting) that have received upwards of 300,000 views on Facebook,YouTube, and WhatsApp. 

How funds will be used 

Each video costs $1,500 to produce. The funds will go entirely to the production of videos, including copywriting, voiceover, and animation. The more money that we raise, the more videos we can produce. 

Details on Project Management

RainDrop will use the funds to create more videos, continuing the Al Ghazali series with On Harms of the Tongue; On Anger, Hatred, and Envy; On Pride; Letter to a Disciple and many others. 

The entire process takes about 3-4 weeks per video.I will personally manage the entire process. My background includes degrees from Stanford and Harvard as well experience with global corporations and launching two start ups. I have a proven track record of managing and executing complex projects. 

How you can help

  • Contribute financially 
  • Share on social media 
  • Follow us on Facebook and YouTube
Contact Information:

Marwan Chaar

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