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Jul 29, 2015 2:16 PM ET

Archived: Pariah Enterprises: A new brand of Media And Entertainment

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

Pariah Enterprises

Pariah Enterprises Logo


A new brand of Media And Entertainment

With a clear mind and a clear heart, you are looking at new man! No more words, no more excuses, no more hiding. People just have to accept my vision and me for who I am. This is me serving notice. Get ready and expect everything. Expect a new look, new studio, new attitude. I consider myself an artist. Writing, publishing and designing.


Products / Services

Alienated Nation – New Zazzle Store

As of right now I am opening up a new shop front over at zazzle.com. We will be selling not only T-shirts and hats but we will be selling coffee mugs travel mugs and all sorts of knickknacks and accessories. Our shop front will be called alienated nation. As of right now we have some customizable gear with the pariah enterprises logo. Stop by our shop front for more updates.


New Podcast Launched

I am happy to announce that our new podcast will be up in the First Week of May. The name of the podcast will be called “The Nerve Degree” formally known as “Sunday brunch.” We left the new name gives it more of an understanding of what we will be talking about such as sports, technology and entertainment.


Contact Information:

J.D. Maverick

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