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Jul 29, 2015 8:30 AM ET

Archived: Hipture: Turn Mobile Photos Into Beautiful Framed Prints

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

Memories Fading Into the Digital Landscape?

Portland, OR

Hipture introduces today a new app that lets users  creates custom  wall art directly from photos on Instagram  and iPhone photo galleries.

Click. Snap. Tap. The photo is taken and perhaps it is even shared. Smartphones store thousands of images. But what happens next? The smartphone has made it easy for everyone to capture those moments that tell their story.  But that story can become lost somewhere in the digital space of Instagram and mobile  photo galleries.  Except it doesn’t have to be that way. Creative users can now create own lasting wall art with Hipture.

Hipture was created by a small innovative team in the Pacific Northwest on the idea of making it possible for  special moments to go beyond the screen and become tangible. “We wanted to create something that is more nostalgic, something that we can hold, touch, and feel”, said Oleg Yagol, Creative Director of Hipture.

Hipture is about ease and convenience and allows smartphone users to be his or her own storyteller. Hipture is an app that makes it possible for mobile photographers to create framed art from the images stored on smartphones.


Simplicity: The app is designed with a clean layout and intuitive user interface. The photos are directly imported from the mobile photo gallery or Instagram account. Hipture is also integrated with Instagram meaning one can curate their wall art from several sources.

Customizable: Custom doesn’t mean complicated. The Hipture app let’s users select the size, layout, matting, and frame that best suits his or her own style. Choose from 4 different layouts, 8 frame colors, 4 mat boards, and 2 additional classic wood frames.

Patented hanging system: The simplicity extends beyond the app. Once the custom prints arrive individuals will discover how easy it is to hang the wall art using an innovative assembly and hanging system that does not require lots of hardware or tools.

Made in the USA

The art created via the Hipture app is not like the prints  made at the kiosk in local neighborhood stores. It is about the details. The prints are superior quality with accurate color and crisp details. The frames are handcrafted locally and are made to last.

Hipture launches on Kickstarter on 7/28/15. Those that pre-order will be able to select different packages ranging from an 8×8 print to several prints in different sizes. The pre-orders will give the same customizable options that will be available through the Hipture app but at a steep discount.

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