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Jul 29, 2015 3:24 PM ET

Archived: HELLO BLU3BIRD: exploring connections between Nature, Human Development, Spirit, Beauty and Love

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015


HELLO BLU3BIRD is a forthcoming book and exhibition series created by Mariama Rafetna, exploring connections between Nature, Human Development, Spirit, Beauty and Love. We live in a world today that forgets WE are apart of Nature and there is a direct connection between the peace, health and beauty of our planet and the health.peace and beauty in ourselves. We often think we need to get away to remote places to enjoy nature and peace and serenity, when in fact it is always in us and ready to be made visible once we are in-tune and aware of the true nature of the world around us. 

The first project of the series. “HELLO BLU3BIRD: A BROOKLYN LOVE AFFAIR” takes place predominanty in the skies, streets, gardens and HEART of Brooklyn, NY.

Hello Blu3bird is a journey of self love & discovery through poetry and nature photography/film about seeing the world with new eyes. Embodying the Love of the universe so that we may pour it back out into the world(s) where it is so desperately needed. Learning to see yourself in everything and everyone around you is key to Love and Growth. Appreciating the simplicity of life, and each others Beauty… By acknowledging the likeness of spirit among us it  helps us all to be better and live in a better world among one another. In a time of so much negativity and confusion, messages of peace, love, cooperation and oneness are crucial to our quality of life, growth and survival.


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