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Jul 29, 2015 11:10 AM ET

Archived: Crystal Kernel: a sophisticated iPad app which teaches chess in a fun and contextual way, as if a real coach is around you

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

Crystal Kernel



Chess wizard is a sophisticated iPad app which teaches chess in a fun and contextual way, as if a real coach is around you.

Chess Wizard app think like a professional chess player, just by playing chess on this app. No matter what your skill level is, Chess Wizard will teach you tricks at every situation and take you to the next level. This app is specially designed for kids and it’s free!!!

This app is even helpful for absolute beginners for learning the rules and the basic approach to the game. It is useful for intermediate players for gaining context based lessons. The app internally tracks the progress of each player and helps them build a natural ability to think strategically.

The chess engine (iPad program playing chess) is the opponent you will be playing with. The engine comes in different proficiency levels. You will be challenged by a properly matched chess engine, based on your skill level and performance.

Chess Wizard is a very intelligent and friendly tutor who assists you as a coach. The objective of the wizard is to help you progress positively through the game and also improve your skill. Chess Wizard watches the progress of the game, throws challenges and provides feedbacks to make the game interesting and educative.

* Wizard teaches chess as if live chess master is teaching
* Challenges are thrown to increase curiosity and learning
* Feedbacks are given on incorrect or not so good move
* Cartoonish user interface to make chess game lighter to kids

What makes this app so unique

  • Chess Wizard helps users learn chess in the on-game context, which is not offered by any other softwares in the market.
  • Users can enjoy the fun of playing as well as learning at the same time.
  • Existing chess learning apps offer following;
  • – Static puzzles
  • – Prerecorded tutorials
  • – On game best move or best lines
  • Chess Wizard introduces chess theories as the opportunities appear in the board position of the game. So that the user can directly relate a situation with the theory

Why we need your support

  • Development of advanced features
  • Marketing at iOS appstore and google ads
  • Sophisticated gamifications
Contact Information:

Crystal Kernel

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