Converting Water Tank to Art Space: convert a disused water tank near Lewisham Train Station/High Street into a multi-use art space and café! - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 29, 2015 7:18 PM ET

Converting Water Tank to Art Space: convert a disused water tank near Lewisham Train Station/High Street into a multi-use art space and café!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2015

Converting Water Tank to Art Space

We want to transform an abandoned water tank, which is part of the artists’ studios at V22’s Axion House in the heart of Lewisham, into a cultural space for contemporary art and music. We have been offered a partnership with V22 to make use of this space and we see this as an opportunity to bring together the community of artists and inhabitants of this part of the Borough of Lewisham and beyond. We will create a meeting point and communal arts space through organising and programming a series of events and performances within the water tank, and turn the adjacent machine room into a small café. This non-profit events space, research hub and café will be utilised by local artists, a wider arts audience and the community around Lewisham town centre. This area of London is being redeveloped at a rapid pace and it hosts a strong artistic community, we would like to develop a space for artists and local inhabitants, of all ages and backgrounds, to meet, discuss, perform and exhibit.

What we’ll do:

  • Convert tank machine room into a café open during the day and for evening events.
  • Create an events/project space with an events programme (initially running on a fortnightly basis).
  • Develop projects that link to the site specificity, history and unique shape of the water tank.
  • Organise film-screenings, concerts, installations etc. inside the water tank.
  • Arrange and curate workshops, film-screenings, concerts, installations etc. inside the water tank.
  • Provide local inhabitants as well as artists in the nearby V22 Axion House with refreshments, lunch and hot drinks.
  • Aim to acquire green patch outside from the Council to develop garden/patio area.

Why it’s a great idea:

The unique cylindrical shape of the tank’s interior offers possibilities to artists and performers to experiment, not only with its form and acoustics, but also to draw inspiration from its past. Our design and programme will draw inspiration from its original purpose and history. The artists studios already provide space for over 70 artists, artisans and creative businesses. Our events programme and cafe space will cater to both this community and the wider community enabling greater interaction. Our programme will deliver creative engagement while our cafe will offer small selections of prepared vegetarian lunches, coffee and cakes for artists working in Axion House and for the public. Everyone who wants to get involved can be part of this project, from its creation and renovation to its actual realisation – through this process we will also be able to evaluate the wishes of the local community and incorporate these into how we run the space.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Drain, clean, paint (both interior and exterior) and soundproof the water tank.
  • Strip the machine room of pumping equipment etc.
  • Replace doors to the machine room and install window(s), as well as install floor-level entrance to the tank itself.
  • Install electricity, water supply, toilets, lights, speaker system (PA) and further audio visual equipment.
  • Build and maintain a small café/bar area to make the space self-supporting.
  • Organise fundraising in and around Lewisham to raise money for the project
  • Through partnering up with V22 we are able to get an initial rent free period and marketing assistance
  • müllZimmer will continue to run the space and build upon its successful offering thus far

Everyone who pledges gets their name on our Founders’ Wall

What else you can get if you pledge:

£15 – entry to our Opening Gala (limited numbers) or a Special Event

£50 – free workshop participation

£75 – a special edition, signed, müllZimmer publication

£300 – an opportunity to use the space for a private event for you and 20 friends

£500 – a private event with live band for you and 20 friends

Contact Information:


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