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Jul 28, 2015 10:00 AM ET

Archived: Typepic Prints: “type-epic” Prints provides apparel and accessory print services to makers – start-ups, social curators and culture-centric organizations that are doing things differently

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015
Personal Story

I grew up in multiple places, starting from a one-room apartment in Brooklyn with up to 12 people. As the youngest, I learned to observe, and be patient. I taught myself how to draw, ride a bike, design, and gain perspective.

My experience goes as far back as grade school where I started drawing and creating my own comics. From there, I grew a passion for story and message with imagery, and I’ve been a message-oriented creative ever since. Typography and photography were the next best things, and I chose to mix them together.

As for my entrepreneurial spirit, I was just 15 years old when I compared NY candy prices to Atlanta candy prices, and I took advantage of the 90-cent difference. And so began my forfeiture of candy and my first foray into entrepreneurship. After a turbulent college career riddled with hardship, I moved back to Brooklyn to get back on track and build a legacy.

My dreams include becoming financially independent-becoming a serial entrepreneur, bringing my family back together and creating a culture of growth and innovation among friends and my community. Losing the majority of my design equipment and software won’t stop me, and I look forward to making a bigger impact than I’ve ever made before.

Business Description

Typepic “type-epic” Prints is dedicated to living an exciting, fulfilling life. We provide apparel and accessory print services to those who also represent this mantra, mainly in the maker arena. Makers include start-ups, social curators and culture-centric organizations that are doing things differently.

This business idea had been on my mind in different forms since college several years ago. I recently decided to finally make it a reality. With up to 8 years of experience in graphic design and visual identity, I can finally create something of my own, again. I’ve created designs for brands, events, and organizations (ie. JGlimited.com), but the more social the project, the more I want to be involved. Out of all the creative elements of past projects, t-shirts were my favorite because of the way they can be used to express the personality of a brand and more importantly of the person.

My biggest challenge is finding mentorship within this arena. With this, I could better navigate the ever-changing market. Disruption is everywhere, and having some added insight would be great.

Primarily, I am targeting start-ups in the tech, online media and maker community. This is where I want to associate and connect, providing services to a community of fellow innovators. My goals for the future are to grow the shop into a full-fledged print shop housed in a building owned by myself with a dedicated staff in Brooklyn. Furthermore, I will build a t-shirt website built off of the crowd funding model for exciting crowd funding campaigns.

What I am most proud of is being able to do what I love and associate my time and effort with the people and activities I care about. The biggest impact this will have on my life is that I will finally be able to show my prowess in this area and do something that I love while having more control over my time.

My focus is getting myself out of debt and better connected with my community and to help the youth in my family follow suit so we can bring us back together. This is a stepping-stone to my goal of building wealth and financial independence, by introducing them to such resources.

What is the purpose of this loan?

*1. Heat press machine with a quality-backed warranty and service support.
Cost: $2,500.00

*2. Professional grade inkjet printer
Cost: $500

*3. Vinyl cutter
Cost: $400

*4. Printing supplies
Cost: $350.

**5. Website development services
Cost: $2,500

6. Initial sample stock and minimal marketing material
Cost: $1,000

7. Business incorporation (proper permits, licenses, and trademark)
Cost: $2,750

* Items 1-4 are crucial to completing projects with much less dependence on outside services, thus keeping my margins higher and risk lower.

** Website development services includes file uploading, custom css design, cost and price tables, project timeline organizer, shop quote, CRM and checkout are just a few of the service features that will allow me to focus more on the business and less on what would otherwise be the non-critical, time-consuming tasks.

Contact Information:


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