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Jul 28, 2015 8:15 AM ET

Archived: Privacy matters! Smartphone communication that stays private by using the ancient book cypher method

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

Calatin GmbH, who by the way borrowed its name from a celtic wizard, develops, trades and markets innovative technological products and solutions. We envision a world where technology serves human needs. Today often the opposite is the case. As any organism relies on communication it is crucial to communicate. But there are messages you just want to keep private. This may be business information, ideas or just a private communication to a loved one. Today privacy is very rare and must be protected were it is needed.

Towards this aim we are developing a messenger app (iOS and subsequently Android) that encodes messages sent between sender and receiver by applying a very simple but extremely efficient encoding/decoding algorithm: the book cypher. Book cyphers were used in history very successfully. Two identical books were used to encode and subsequently decode the message. Only if the respective book is known to the prying eye the code could be broken. Nowadays there are myriads of book equivalents out there in the web: source codes of billion of websites. These source codes are used by the book cypher messenger smartphone app and are virtually unbreakable as long as the identity of the cypher key website is kept secret.

Take privacy in your own hands by communicating truly privately by first selecting any website in the web, then inviting your counterpart to accept the key and finally starting the private conversation. We have the complete app plan at hands. We spent houndreds of hours to develop the app outline and logics. As a next step we need a professional team to program the app and the webserver environment. This is exactly why we are reaching out to people like you, who alike us belief that privacy is a human right, to get this important project funded. The book cypher messenger will provide message privacy and thereby contribute to more personal freedom of thought and expression.

Do not wait until you are spied upon but rather take the opportunity and support our project to bring a little bit more freedom back to all of us. If you would like to support us in another than financial way or in addition to a sponsoring, please promote our cause by suggesting it to friends. This will help us all regain our privacy and freedom.


Contact Information:

Contact: info@calatin.ch

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