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Jul 28, 2015 2:09 PM ET

Archived: Moto Racing Championships: Chris Liberopoulos – Cyprus

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

Moto Racing Championships

I am Chris Liberopoulos. A young enthusiastic Racing Driver who has the desire to succeed, and the motivation to reach my full potential; these are my keys to unlock the door to personal excellence and to great achievements.

I strongly believe that if you can dream it you can do it, and I have the Will to achieve!

My desire for success! My enthusiasm! These are my keys to unlock the door to personal excellence and to great achievements in the Race Track. It is my motivation to reach my full potential and to fully utilize my racing capabilities as enthusiastic Racing Driver and a speed-lover!

My vision is the vision of every Racing Driver! – The opportunity to participate in International Sports Bikes Racing Competitions – The recognition – The race experience the International Racetracks could offer!

A dream needs resources however – financial resources – ; and a proper sports bike too! Resources I do not have unfortunately to make this real! And I need your support to make this happen! I am confident that with your support, I can achieve Great goals!

Sponsorship is a crucial aspect of my success!

Your consideration for supporting me to at least get a proper sports bike and letting me have this opportunity to hunt my dream, as well as your wish to support a young Racing Driver to begin his journey to reach his potential, it would be highly appreciated! I have this feeling that I need to hunt my dream under any circumstances, with each way possible, for me having the opportunity and support to attend race competitions, prove my skills; to achieve! Make my supporters proud of me!

Moreover, please have a look on the above video which I have prepared, that contains my photos from previous events in which I participated. Unfortunately, while I was training to participate in an event, an accident forced me to retire for a while from motorsport which I so much love, after my recovery expenses had exceeded the financial resources I had, that would enable me to keep going on motorsport.

My aim is the best possible result, gaining experience and expertise.

My ultimate goal is my participation in other international competitions, representing also my Country in such competitions, as well as establishing a school where young riders, sharing the same visions with me, could learn the proper way of riding a sports bike. This prospect would also give me the opportunity to organize events the earnings of which could be directed to charities!

Please take a few moments to share my campaign amongst your friends and spread the word out. This will be very helpful to my campaign and will be appreciated, as well as Like the follow page in facebook and get to know our newly established team. Please support our effort!


Thanking you in advance

Contact Information:

Chris Liberopoulos - Cyprus

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