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Archived: King Arthur of Uranus: to prevent a Universe-wide civil war

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King Arthur of Uranus

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read further about this campaign. I am campaigning for my first book that I am writing as you are reading these lines. This is a science fiction book about one scientist’s adventures in space on his mission to save his and other planets. It is also, of course, about love. The book’s motto is “everything is possible”; you just need to try hard enough to make it happen. The book is for all ages and both genders. Everybody will find something they like in this book. With your help, this book will be completed and will get in your hands by spring next year. I greatly appreciate your support and have a happy reading!


In 2125 the population of Earth reached 20 billion people and was growing at an enormous speed. Thanks to scientific breakthroughs in fighting virus and diseases as well as to promote longevity, living well over 100 years became a norm rather than a luxury. Earth was facing too many problems and the most important resource to survival of every living creature on Earth, fresh water, was scarce although enough for several decades to come. Clearly, the population was at the brink of the end of the world.


By then there were no country divisions on Earth. The 20 billion people all spoke Esperanto and were all governed by a single government with representation from each race around the world. The ubiquitous connectivity, both digital and physical through a highly-developed super-sonic transportation network deployed all over the globe, allowed for peace around the world. This peace however would not last unless a new habitat was found and secured for the humanity to carry on its existence on a different planet or planets.


Arthur, a research scientist from one of the leading research entities on Earth, was sent with a peaceful exploratory mission that was to start on Neptune and was to continue on Uranus. Arthur arrives on Neptune to find the planet on the edge of a civil war between the locals and the humans. He meets beautiful Agnes, becomes a prisoner of Neptune’s king, learns about the king’s evil plans to abandon the planet and take its vital resources away, and escapes to prevent the king from making his plan a reality. He also learns that the planet is about to be attacked from Mars. Arthur is torn between completing his Earth mission, preventing a civil war and an invasion on Neptune. Now he is on a Universe-saving mission. Can he make it?    

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Svetlana Machurina

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