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Jul 28, 2015 7:55 AM ET

Archived: Golf Partners Worldwide: Creating the largest amateur events programme worldwide

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

Golf Partners Worldwide




Golf Partners Worldwide create, organise, promote and operate global golf tournaments for amateur golfers, allowing players from around the world to compete against each other in professionally managed golf tournaments.

The management team has significant experience in golf events, from running golf days to the creation and management of national UK tournaments for leading newspapers group as well as developing hugely popular amateur golf tournaments around the globe.

Golf Partners Worldwide owns the intellectual property for the International Pairs golf tour which was created in 1998 and is renewing its rights to the intellectual property for the Transatlantic Team Challenge which was created in 1997.

Both tournaments, we believe, remain the largest amateur golf events in the world.



Previously Golf Partners Worldwide has organised and financed all competitions and marketing and has an established network of overseas tournament partners.

The idea is simple! Golf Partners Worldwide will sell licences (the franchises) to worldwide entrepreneurs (the franchisees) who purchase the rights to operate national qualification rounds for Golf Partners Worldwide’s established events, thus removing the need for Golf Partners Worldwide to invest heavily into each of its events. Franchisees will pay a fixed initial license fee plus tournament fees with the responsibility to provide national champions for each of the world finals. 

Golf Partners Worldwide will continue to develop and improve the current business platform to create a turnkey, user-friendly franchisee interface that will allow a new franchisee to be fully operational within weeks. The team will continue to create new competitions and world finals and maintain responsibility for global sponsorship and partnerships. 

The franchise model delivers a number of benefits:

•Each country franchisee will be able to utilise his/her local knowledge, networks and expertise to build more value than a centralised organisation

•Each franchisee will use his/her own working capital and resource within his/her territory thus making the business very scalable

•Furthermore, the new model will allow the management team to focus on their core competencies – improving the portfolio of global finals and building commercial partnerships



The team has been instrumental in developing two events for amateur golfers which we believe are the largest amateur events in the world. 
Additionally, the team has run a successful pilot scheme, securing 16 overseas operating partners including Eire, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and UAE. 
By piloting the franchise model through a series of short-term contracts in key markets, Golf Partners Worldwide has been able to: 

• Better understand the requirements for technology investment in franchisee portal and database
• Gather information and insights on how to work with franchise partners in delivering effective marketing communications
• Reduce the financial risk of expansion by having a core group of successful franchisees that can be renewed



To understand the Golf Partners Worldwide offering revenue is broken down into two main categories:

• Initial Franchise Fee (renewable after Year 3)
• Tournament Fees (due each year to attend the World Finals)

Fees include an £8,000 non-refundable signing on fee. 

Initially, the offering is to create a complete business solution for new franchisees. Golf Partners Worldwide will deliver a ready-made bespoke website for each new partner, which will include: 

• Country bias multi-lingual site
• Tailor made Content Management System (CMS)
• Event Management System
• Live online scoring system
• Merchant services
• Marketing & Sales aid libraries
• Handicap Management

In essence, every aspect that would be expected when setting up a new business without the usual inherent costly, time-consuming teething problems – a truly turnkey business opportunity. 
The franchise will be managed by the franchisee with their own country URL, sitting on Golf Partners Worldwide’s main servers. The franchise operator is now free to upsell Golf Partners Worldwide’s established events in their territory.



Investment proceeds will be utilized to update the existing user interface to a more user-friendly environment. This will include converting to a fully multilingual platform with additional sales and marketing support programs integrated to allow new franchisees to operate the majority of their business through our back end administration modules. Further to this we intend to:

• Increase awareness by maintaining a presence at key golf shows in EMEA and Asia
• Improve SEO
• Increase marketing and brand awareness through direct and indirect initiatives allowing potential franchise operators to experience the offering first hand
• Add key personnel to the team
• To further develop and upgrade existing IT infrastructure to accommodate a complete turn-key business portal for international markets

Contact Information:

Ian Mulcrone
Patrick Mulcrone
Maurice Kelly
Thomas Godfrey

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