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Jul 28, 2015 3:30 PM ET

Archived: GALAXY HYPER SPEED Direct Positive Photo Paper: New B/W Positive Photo Paper for pinhole and large-format cameras. Very high speed, rich tones, better dynamic range

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015

 We are Galaxy, a group of photography professionals with almost two hundred years of combined experience in this field. We are lifelong fanatics who built darkrooms in our parent’s bathrooms growing up. Our photo paper screening process is tougher than a supermodel’s potential boyfriend screening process. We deeply lament the discontinuation of most direct positive paper manufacturers and understand that this void needs to be filled.

A few years ago we came across an Eastman Kodak book that covers the subject of direct positive photography using the company’s Super Speed Direct Positive Paper as an example.

Everyone knows about direct positive photo paper nowadays. It has some nice features, but lacks a crucial quality: high speed. Every single shot is too time-consuming for large-format photographers. Fellow pinholers sometimes struggle for hours – needlessly. Plus if there’s a moving object in the shot, the object turns out blurred (if it appears at all). And yet, 70 years ago, photographers had already come up with a solution, Kodak Super Speed Direct Positive Paper.

But this valuable paper disappeared from the market in 1970. Its secret was lost. To solve this problem, we decided to create a substitute paper, and we believe that we can make something even more exciting than our inspiration. We don’t just want to bring back a discontinued photo paper. We want to make a better one, with higher sensitivity, better dynamic range, and easier development process that would be performed with room temperature solution.

Later, as we had a bunch of photographers on board, but no chemist, we found a production and research partner. By that time a lot of production moguls such as Kodak, Fuji, AGFA and Forte were gone. We had three choices among the remaining companies: Harmon Technology, ltd., Foma Bohemia, ltd., and Slavich, Co. At that time, and now again, Harmon had their own direct positive paper and we assumed that they wouldn’t be eager to help create what could be seen as a competing product. So our choice was between Slavich and Foma. We sent out letters to both. Slavich replied. Foma did not.

We’re fortunate to be able to work with Slavich. To begin with, they have a whole Photography Research and Development Institute next door. Also, Slavich lab technicians were quite cordial in helping with research and some of them even served as our photo models!

We’re sure other photographers out there are interested in this paper. Greater interest from photo enthusiasts will allow us produce more photo paper packs at a better price. And if the demand is high enough, we will be able continue production of this photo paper on a regular basis.

  • RC-based (resin-coated) positive reversal photographic paper containing the largest amount of silver in the industry that allows to create distinctive half-tones and rich dark tones.
  • Very high ISO-speed which corresponds to about 120 film ISO. High speed enables shorter exposures — no more long sitting in front of the camera!
  • No need for a negative, you can shoot directly on the paper.  Adjusted reversal process. User-friendly.  
  • Fixed grade: contrast.  
  • Glossy embossed surface  
  • Will be available in the following sizes: 4×5″, 5×7″, 8×10″, 11×14″, 16×20″ 
  • Custom sizes may be available: 4×10″, 7×17″, 8×20″, 12×20″, 14×17″, 20×24″  and some rolls of different sizes
  • Very dark red light is required due to high speed.

 We want to reach all the photography artists who are as passionate about classic black-and-white photography as we are. Those who are captivated by the magic of the development process. Those who are ready, just like the alchemists of the past, to experiment with chemicals until they find a recipe that turns their work into gold. Basically we’re looking for like-minded people. Most photo paper manufacturers have closed down, but while there’s still at least one inspired photographer in need of good reversal photo paper left, we will keep trying to get it made!

 We need $30,000 to revive the art of reversal photography. This amount will cover the purchase of raw material and Slavich employees services. All the backers will receive the first batch of the photo paper. You can choose the size and the amount of the packs by choosing the appropriate pledge. Kickstarter has proven to be a great source to launch high-reaching projects by people who are serious about their success. And we are.

  •  Production risk. The factory may not be able to manufacture the photo paper by the given deadline. Shipping time of the rewards might be extended by up to two weeks.  
  • Delayed importing process. The batch may be delayed at customs, which may also extend the waiting period by about a week.
  • Other than that, everything is under control and ready to go.

If we are successful the money is targeted for the following specific tasks:

1) Kickstarter fees
2) Purchase of production materials
3) Research and crew
4) Test batch run expenses
5) Production and quality control
6) Packaging
7) Logistics and warehousing
8) Distribution to end users

 Spread the Good Word  
You have more influence than you think. It’s in your power to significantly improve the chances of this project reaching its goal by spreading the news among your colleagues.

 Follow us on Social Media
We’ll be posting updates on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Retwritting, reposting and subscribing will increase the chances this project’s chances. Stay tuned!

 Keep taking pictures!
Your loyalty to analog photography is what keeps this industry afloat. So please, keep taking pictures, keep developing them in the darkroom, and keep the magic alive!


• Production risk. The factory may not be able to manufacture the photo paper by the deadline which can extend the time of shipping the rewards for up to two weeks.
• Delayed importing process. The batch may be delayed on the customs, which may also extend the waiting period for about a week.
• Other than that everything is under control and at the ready.

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