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Jul 28, 2015 11:09 AM ET

Archived: Affix Magazine: We are an independent, startup publication orientated around Urban Design, Planning, Culture & Inspiring People

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2015
The debut, introductory issue released in February 2015.
The debut, introductory issue released in February 2015.

Inspired by a love for Urban Design, Planning, Culture and Community, Affix Magazine strives to communicate the ideas and stories of positive urban, social and environmental development. Affix ultimately helps to drive positive change by means of connecting these innovative ideas.

Affix was also created over the realisation that there really is a gap in the market for a publication of this nature and yet there is such a growing interest in these issues which impact greatly on all of our lives. We want Affix to be about connecting creative ideas from around the world, for the benefit of communities globally. We want to change the topics that currently preoccupy the most part of contemporary media channels. We want to create a discussion that has the potential to bring about positive urban, social and environmental change. Although we want the publication to be appealing visually and graphically, we want the content to be rich and powerful above all.

We are currently raising funds to be able to print the second issue of the magazine and distribute it internationally. We are a ‘born-global startup’ meaning that our contributors are from all over the world and the topics, themes and ideas covered are relevant internationally. So it is important for us to be able to distribute the magazine to countries and cities other than Melbourne, Australia which is where we are currently based. 

In each issue of the magazine we want to include a case study put forward by a different city of a misused or disused space in need of urban renewal. We will then open this up to our readers, offering them the opportunity to give their feedback, thoughts and ideas on what they think would improve the space and what they would like to see happen in it. So the magazine becomes more than just that, but acts instead as more of a personal journal with inspiring content but is also something that they can interact with and then share this with us. So we can include the collective thoughts of readers globally, into latter issues of the magazine and even take these ideas to city planners, designers and change-makers to actually make these ideas become a reality! 

We are committed to donating $1 from each copy of Affix sold to a worthy, charitable organisation – as we want to  support grassroots development and help others get off the ground in the same way we have.

There are a multitude of risks associated with our ultimate goals as there are with any project for that matter. All the contributors involved with the project and passionate about Affix, currently spend their days working to support the project. Thus finding the much needed time to invest into Affix and collaborate with the magazine’s network is always challenging, yet not impossible. With a helping hand, we will be able to get Affix Magazine off the ground and to work towards the publication becoming not just a dream, but a platform for a positive, useful dialogue around these issues and a real tool to facilitate positive change, throughout communities far and wide.

After the completion of the second issue of the magazine we will then begin the process of producing the third and so on and so forth. It is therefore crucial that we are able to establish a sustainable marketing and commercial business along side the content and design of the magazine. It is an essential component of the project, which will ensure its long-term success and this all comes down to growing the brand, its identity and its reach, to ensure that like-minded organisations are willing and eager to enter into corporate partnerships and advertise with Affix. We are confident through the skills and knowledge of the industry that we can maintain a high level of corporate social responsibility, a strong brand identity and credibility to assist with this.

These challenges only make us more determined to persist in the ever expanding publishing industry, as we really do think that Affix brings something new and unique to the table that will actually create tangible change, within our cities into the future!

Contact Information:

Abbie Freestone

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