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Jul 27, 2015 8:02 EST

Sun & Son (UK) LTD: Leading with Vision & Innovation

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2015

Sun & Son (UK) LTD

Sun & Son (UK) LTD


Sun & Son (UK) Ltd. has leveraged over a decade of technology leadership and extensive business relationships with our partners and customers (IBM, Prudential, et. al.) in order to deliver the Lightning Blockchain Enterprise platform. Sun & Son (UK) Ltd. holds the IP for the Sun & Son products, including the Data Modeler for Notes and Data Modeler DataBridge, and IP for Lightning Blockchain Enterprise.

By delivering the Blockchain as an integral part of the IBM Enterprise Systems environment, Lightning offers full integration with the IBM systems which run the core businesses of > 95% of top grossing enterprises globally. Lightning will save global corporations and large enterprise many millions each in investment that would otherwise be required.

An enterprise blockchain software architecture requires the following critical capabilities:

Secure NoSQL Data Store Extensions to the blockchain data structure include documents, digital assets and other sensitive data structures. These require a secure data object architecture structure which is absent from existing open source NoSQL solutions.

Hierarchical Wallet Corporate users of Bitcoin and other digital assets require flexible and configurable hierarchical wallets to provide appropriate levels of control of digit assets across the organization. Existing hierarchical and multi-user wallets fall short of the requirements for enterprise corporate use. Lightning and its HD-BIP32 wallet will help any corporation use and manage any business Bitcoin Wallets and keep full accountability of all its Business coins, users and transactions – with 100% accountability.

Blockchain API Corporations developing blockchain applications require rapid application development tools that can be easily used by in-house developers and ISVs.

Cloud Performance & Scalability Very few cloud platforms meet the requirements of large global enterprises. Enterprises require a trusted vendor with a flexible, secure, scalable global platform that supports both on premise and cloud deployments. It is vitally important that the platform supports the full application life cycle from R&D through final deployment.

Lightning Blockchain Enterprise brings all of these capabilities together in a single integrated, easy to implement package.

Lightning leverages Data Modeler technology with VirtualNSF, a highly secure and scalable NoSQL data architecture based on trusted IBM technology. VirtualNSF is a secure NoSQL object store which extends the blockchain architecture.

The Lightning Wallet is designed to meet all of the requirements of enterprise users, including fine-grained access control, auditing and asset reporting.

Lightning includes a Blockchain Application Development Interface for popular and accessible rapid application development tools.

Lightning is designed to take advantage of the IBM cloud architecture and BlueMix. Sun & Son technology, in combination with proven IBM services and governance, make it easy to integrate Lightning blockchain solutions with existing corporate application platforms and software solutions.

Lightning promises to redefine how organizations build their software solutions into the future.

Please refer to this excellent overview of the blockchain opportunities from BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-33090285

Contact Information:

Ravi Har Singh Khalsa
Adrian Reason
Harold Bailey, Jr
Richard Amores
Guru Mittar Khalsa

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